India Market Entry Strategy

Performance Improvement Strategy

MNCs in India struggle a lot during its early stages, company try hard to get a 1% of their global revenues. Lots of company have entered in India during the last 10 years, not all have been successful. Low performance and performance improvement strategy of Indian subsidiaries has started to be relooked into for the improvement of the business performance overall at the corporate level.

Organizations compete on quality, price, innovation, and plenty of different factors which can be properly understood in an organization's home market. If expanding into another new region or market, it's important to set up the outline for the benchmarks on overall performance improvement strategy or performance development in a new market. To implement this, we do an analytical assessment (performance improvement strategy / plan) of the India business and try to find strategic need gaps to help in achieving the planned growth. Our multi-level approach, which helps us to deliver the accurate performance improvement strategy;

  • Markets, competitors, customers, products mix analysis of market trends and end-users’ feedback, benchmarking – Competitive, Price & etc.
  • Sales & Marketing Assessment sales processes, Capability assessment of Salesforce, channel effectiveness and efficiency, Assessment of marketing and placement between the sales force and business objectives
  • Operations Analysis of various associated cost, direct v/s indirect costs, productivity analysis, Technical benchmarking and inventory optimisation management
  • Finance Analysing Profit & Loss, Cash flow
  • Supply Chain Outsourcing advisory, Supplier pricing structures, Restructuring of logistics
  • HR Hiring processes and policies analysis, Compensation & benefits benchmarking, Performance monitoring management, Organisation restructuring, and resource management 

Localization & New Product Development

Investments in assembly and manufacturing activities through localization are necessary. Considering the desires of the middle-class income group and producing products around their requirements is the key.

Manufacturing and marketing products for local markets is difficult in any country, that too in a new expanding market is difficult. TechSci Research assist clients in making them understand the local needs from the market and offer a different value proposition or performance improvement plan for emerging market consumers.  

We suggest innovation, testing, and production of the right products for the right people in the right markets by: 

  • Knowing product need gaps
  • Outlining products and problems
  • Assisting in how to adapt to local market needs
  • Initiating new product development
  • Creating solutions
  • Directing market testing
  • Executing and increasing resolutions through localization

Sociocultural Adaptation

We can assist our clients in finding the cultural gaps quickly as this is very critical when expanding into any new market.

 We attain cultural uniformity through our performance improvement strategy / plan:

 Knowing the important local cultural issues & gaps

  • Linking cultural gaps by adaptation to local market needs
  • Planned performance management
  • Changing management direction at different intermissions

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