Go To Market Strategy Case Study

TechSci’s advanced analytics team helped unlock insights that prompted action and yielded results

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    A leading Japanese multinational information technology company aimed at exploring the opportunities in growing Cyber Security Market of India. The client approached TechSci Research to have the extensive understanding of the Indian Cyber Security market dynamics, regulatory framework, expected timelines for the implementation of proposed initiatives and future plans of the Indian government in this field. In addition, the client was also exploring the opportunities for a tie-up with the Government of India in setting up an advanced cyber security lab for training 500,000 cyber security professionals on advanced cyber security modules.

    Thus, the client requested TechSci to give a holistic view of market dynamics, current and forecast for cyber security market, and comprehensive understanding of government policies & initiatives. In addition, the client also requested to formulate a “Go to Market” strategy suggesting strategic alliances, partnerships and joint ventures with Government of India and other key stakeholders in the cyber security ecosystem of the country.

    TechSci Research conducted an exhaustive research on the cyber security market in India and provided the detailed government policies and initiatives, current infrastructure capacity, competitive landscape, gaps and challenges along with the industry insights and market trends. Taking all these key factors into consideration, TechSci recommended “Go to Market” strategy after analysing the synergic benefits through strategic alliances and joint ventures.

    The dedicated market research study was acclaimed by the client. The research report also worked as a reference guide in designing the growth and expansion strategy. In addition, it provided a meticulous roadmap to the client highlighting the opportunity areas and define action plan to venture into the Indian Cyber Security Market

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