Knowledge Partner
National Conference-cum-Exhibition on Management of Bio-Medical Wastes and Air Pollution

13th February 2019
Hotel The Royal Plaza, New Delhi

India’s population is predominantly young, with 35 per cent of the population estimated to be 15–34 years old. Health impacts on this young population will significantly damage India’s long-term political and economic prospects. In order to create an interface between all the stakeholders to discuss on challenges being faced in effective management of Bio-Medical Waste & Air Pollution and the solutions that can be leveraged at scale to support the sustainable human health, ASSOCHAM is organizing a National Conference-cum-Exhibition with a Theme on – “Addressing the Challenges and Solutions towards Sustainable Human Health” . The conference outputs will include a high-level statement to provide regulatory authorities with policy recommendations about how to harness the power of BMWM rules and graded response action plan; and to ensure best practices and lifelong opportunities for all; and following up actions and relevant partnerships that are aimed to help community at large to develop innovative methods in controlling BMW and air. Moreover, this event will be a home to cutting-edge exhibitors, who will display the latest environmentally sound and profitable solutions. TechSci Research is the proud knowledge partner to showcase insights on Air Pollution and Bio-medical waste- Current Status, Threats and Opportunities in India.

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