29-30 November 2022
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

The TIRE TECH 2022 Exhibition and Conference is a platform where top-level industry leaders will meet with tire innovators in Charleston, South Carolina, to explore the latest tire technologies and manufacturing know-how shaping the tire industry's future. The industry faces technological transformation for electric vehicle tires which require better grip, lower friction, and loading resistance. In addition to the electric vehicle market, for regular tires, customers and regulators now demand OEMs to ensure that sustainability and recyclability are at the forefront of future tire design and manufacturing without compromising on safety, durability, and performance. Next-generation tires will be formed using advanced materials and embedded with intelligent tire technologies using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and machinery. Today's OEMs are exploring new rubber and polymer compounds as more recycled materials are being considered along the process to encourage a circular economy with eco-design and producer responsibility in mind. This year's TIRE TECH 2022 is set to become the world's leading exhibition and conference exclusively for tire technologies and materials development for OEMs to meet and collaborate with a large array of industry manufacturers. This exhibition and conference will provide a forum for all stakeholders across the tire manufacturing supply chain to network and build cross-market relationships and discuss the real challenges and opportunities in tire technologies and sustainable materials to meet the needs of next-generation vehicles. Mr. Karan Chechi, Director- TechSci Research will be giving a presentation on the Technological Innovation in the Tire Industry.