Campaign Assessment Surveys


Campaign Assessment Survey

Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns is crucial to maximize the engagement with your customer base, drive depth of engagement, improve customer perceptions, and increase brand loyalty.

  • Effectiveness of marketing activity in moving prospects along the purchase funnel
  • Impact of each campaign on brand KPIs and messaging
  • Most effective media mix in achieving cut through of messaging and movement in the purchase funnel
  • Effectiveness of each campaign at targeting specific prospect groups

Here at TechSci Research, we specialize in all types of brand and campaign evaluation, from continuous trackers to one-off brand partnerships

What is it that the client wants to know about a campaign that can help with the next one or the current one?

1. Was the goal authentic?

2. Was the communication effective?

3. How the key message got perceived by the target audience?

Why monitor and evaluate your campaign?

It will enable you to:

  • See if you are on track
  • Demonstrate your effectiveness or successes
  • Be held accountable

Regular tracking and evaluation strengthen the impact of your campaigns. A powerful measuring tool along with the scientifically calculated baseline & end line will help brand managers to recreate and establish the right communication with the target audience, which can further influence brand stakeholders’ decisions related to the quality & mode of campaign.

Tracking, monitoring and evaluation are imperative to support wider organizational learning and should ideally influence future campaigns and strategies. It should also be used to demonstrate accountability to stakeholders, providing evidence to feedback on staging and achievements in the campaign.


  • Activity/Tactic measures – Also known as outputs, these ‘measures of effort’ enumerate what and how much campaigning activities or tactics accomplish. These just apprehend what was done and do little to explain how well it worked with right target audiences.
  • Output/Outcome measures – The measures are usually linked with outputs and outcomes, these measures flag progress towards achieving the campaign objective. These are ‘measures of effect and showcase changes that happen as a result of campaigning efforts.
  • Impact measures – These measures demonstrate the post meeting the campaign objective. The impact measure is the most crucial and important as compared to other elements of the report. It shows the effect of a campaign objective for the programs, systems, or people that it sought to improve.

Pre and Post Campaign Evaluations are aimed at identifying recall, strengths and points for improvement both in the pre and post launch phases of communication campaigns, recommending the adjustments necessary to improve the return on investments and advertising results. It is possible to conduct a qualitative phase first to achieve an in-depth understanding of what the campaign transmits and the messages it conveys. This would be followed by a quantitative phase to measure the campaign’s performance.

A. Pre-Campaign Assessment

A pre-campaign planning study is an important part of preparation for a successful campaign. It is an important tool for maximizing campaign effectiveness. It helps in determining a campaign’s effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback and behavior. Pre-testing is conducted before implementing the campaign to customers. It predicts how effectively a campaign will execute, based on the analysis post Pre-& Post campaign assessment, brand manager can take a decision to go ahead with the existing campaign with the minor upgrade or change the positioning of the campaign to meet its final objective. All the areas of advertising like-markets, messages, media, budgets and scheduling should be tested.

Pre-Campaign Assessment Study is conducted in five steps and generally takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete. The study will help you know:

  • The level of congregational awareness of the proposed campaign
  • The campaign’s readiness to move forward as designed
  • The campaign’s ability to raise the necessary funds to begin or complete the project
  • Whether there are any concerns or issues which need to be addressed before the campaign is launched
  • And, finally, the Pre-Campaign Assessment Study will help campaign’s leaders generate greater interest in and momentum for a successful implementation of a capital campaign.

It may be done to test two types of effects: “communication effects” and “sales effects”.

  • Pre-testing of advertising effects seeks to determine whether advertising objectives such as awareness, recall, attitudes and opinions, beliefs about the product and intentions to buy, have been achieved.
  • Pre-testing of sales effects seeks to determine whether a proposed message or media plan has resulted in increased sales.

B. Post Campaign Assessment

Days immediately following a campaign are the time to analyze what went wrong and what went right.

Every company, brand or agency will approach the end of a campaign in a different way, with some going into detail and others taking a comprehensive view.

Running a Post Campaign Analysis helps to:

  • Understand which elements of the campaign worked effectively/ non-effectively
  • Know how the target audience responded to the campaign
  • Evaluate ultimate efficiency of the campaign and if it is in sync with the objectives
  • Discuss the campaign with all possible key stakeholders of different departments (if required)
  • Provide valuable insights for future campaigns

Campaign Assessment Survey Questions

Every brand survey must be customized to the industry’s unique needs, organization, and target audiences. Therefore, one should take sufficient time to come up with a survey to determine the right kinds of questions to gather critical research findings that add value to the brand. The formulated questions should provide relevant feedback on ad relevance and determine the impact of advertisements on viewers. Some of the commonly asked questions in the brand’s campaign evaluation surveys are as follows:

  • Are you familiar with the product/service or brand?
  • How would you describe this product?
  • Would you like to use the product again?
  • Would you recommend the product or brand to your friends?
  • Do you wish for any changes in the product/service?
  • What was your latest experience with this brand?
  • How did you hear about this product?
  • What do you think when you hear about the product/service or brand?
  • Why do you buy products from this brand?
  • What makes this brand appealing to you?
  • What qualities of the product stands out for you?
  • From when are you using our products?

Objectives of Campaign Evaluation Surveys

  • Collect essential data and insights required to build a brand development strategy
  • Measure the degree of popularity of your brand in the industry
  • Capture data that provide a fair idea of how well your customers know the brand
  • Determine what differentiates your product or service from your competitors
  • Helps you create an exemplary customer service experience for your target audiences
  • Expand the brand reach by finding variables that affect the accessibility of the product
  • Improve overall perception of your brand and establish the brand as a key industry player
  • Increase brand value by listening to the needs of consumers and develop a strong emotional connection with your target audience
  • Emphasize brand features and communicate the unique value of your organization to the target audience
  • Boost sales and revenue for your business by enhancing brand image and popularity
  • Helps in crafting marketing messages as per the evolving needs of the customers
  • Fosters relationship between your brand and target audience

When should you evaluate your campaigns?

To stay ahead of your competitors and maintain brand relevance, brands must conduct campaign assessment surveys from time to time. However, conducting a brand survey is an expensive and relatively complex procedure since you need to create a strategy first and then deal with a lot of people to achieve the end goal. Here are a few situations when campaign assessment surveys become an absolute necessity for your business.

  • When you need to assess the impact of your current marketing strategy
  • When you need to produce new content for your business
  • When you need to enhance your products/services
  • When you need to gain more insights into customers’ expectations
  • When you need to improve the visibility of your brand
  • When you need to create buying personas of loyal customers