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    Why should Every Retailer Opt for Mystery Shopping Program?

    Oct, 2021

    Retailers, market research companies, and consumer watchdogs conduct mystery shopping programs to check the quality of service in brick-and-mortar environments such as retail stores, restaurants, bank branches, and so on

  • How to Develop Successful Brand Tracking Strategy?

    Oct, 2021News

    Brand tracking studies primarily focus on financial metrics to determine the ROI of brand-building initiatives to measure the success of the brand.

  • How is Advanced Analytics Changing the Future of Business?

    Oct, 2021News

    Advanced analytics encompasses mature techniques such as process automation, machine learning, predictive modeling, etc. Data scientists often leverage advanced analytics tools to help an organization become more responsive in critical decision making

  • How Can Digital Mention Analytics Influence Brand Marketing Strategies?

    Oct, 2021News

    Social media outreach does not simply end with creating and posting content on digital platforms. On the contrary, the real work starts when marketers need to track whether the content has been well-received or how they stack up against competitors.

  • How Could Energy Crisis in Europe, UK, and China Impact India?

    Oct, 2021News

    While "Sorry out of signs" has become ubiquitous at petrol stations in different parts of the United Kingdom, unprecedented power cuts in Northern China have left millions of homes and industries without electricity. At the same time, the skyrocketing energy prices across Europe are breaking records. The big multi-continental energy crunches are spilling into economic forecasts, supply chains, and beyond.