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    Digital Twins in Practice: The 2023 Scenario

    Sep, 2023

    Digital twin technology is a revolutionary concept that has emerged as a game-changer in various industries, right from manufacturing and healthcare to urban planning and aerospace.

  • Unveiling the Advantages and Challenges of AI in Automobile Industry

    Aug, 2023News

    Almost every sector has been affected, and purposely integrated with AI for its efficient operations. The automotive sector is not an exception. Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry is giving chance to create and manage things that they could only have once dreamed of.

  • Technological Preparedness in Automotive Supply Chain in 2023

    Aug, 2023News

    The automotive industry is considered the most intricate and information-intensive sector, with countless companies requiring thousands of parts delivered to complete their manufacturing process. Supply chain of the automotive industry can be termed as the network of processes, organizations, and resources necessary for the creation and delivery of vehicles and their parts to end users.

  • Market Dynamics of Automotive 3D Printing Across the Globe

    Aug, 2023News

    Modern automobile integrates a mixture of different parts, shapes, and designs. The entire automotive industry is facing huge demand for newer, better performing vehicles, along with the need to optimize production and streamline logistics and supply chains. To cater to these demands, 3D printing is that one technology that is helping to meet these challenges.

  • Sip, Savor, and Soothe: The Therapeutic Effects of Organic Herbs, Spices, and Teas

    Aug, 2023News

    Spices and aromatic dried herbs contribute abundant flavor when integrated into culinary creations, while brewed tea leaves offer a daily practice that promotes mental stimulation or relaxation.