Supply Chain Management Case Study

TechSci Research helped a leading global water purifier company in uncovering white spaces in supply chain.

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    A leading South Korean conglomerate created a business development team which was trying to explore business opportunities in the water purifiers market in India. The giant approached TechSci Research to provide market intelligence services for the water purifiers industry.

    The client intends to launch two new products in water purifiers segment under Gravity and UV technology respectively. The product will be priced for Bottom of Pyramid (BOP) and Middle of Pyramid (MOP) segments between INR1000–INR1500 per unit. In order to achieve maximum market penetration, a detailed study on the supply chain of water purifiers in the Indian market was requested by the client.

    TechSci Research conducted an extensive research on the water purifiers market in India and provided the industry insights, key stakeholders in the supply chain, competitor-wise supply chain and profit margins at each level, contact details of their authorised distributors, retailers and other channel partners, along with marketing and sales strategies of its current and potential competitors in the water purifier market in India.

    The research study was appreciated by the client as it proved to be of great significance in devising its supply chain network to increase their market penetration and targeting the potential end users. In addition, the research study also enabled the client to enter into strategic alliance with multiple stakeholders in the supply chain across India.

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