India Market Entry Strategy

Market Research

To create a clear strategy on how to identify and approach your target buyers you require to combine analysis of the numerous data existing – a work which can only be done by market experts who really know India. TechSci Research understand what it takes for international companies to be fruitful in India.

Our consulting team is very attentive on implementing the market strategies for clients and meeting their strategic objectives. With a strong and flexible process, TechSci Research consistently brings fast, creative and acceptable solutions.

TechSci understand that to create a “Go or No-Go Strategy”, apart from real time & ground level information. Our clients require a feel of the market, decision makers, influencers and the business culture. Our market study practice includes real-time interactions with industry stakeholders such as potential buyers, retailers, distributors/Importer, industry associations and regulatory bodies.

With our ground level practical knowledge, we always come up with innovative answers to not only give solutions to your questions on the competition side, market opportunity, technical barriers, pricing and distribution channels, but we also provide you with qualified leads and partners for your business.

TechSci Research market study methods involves exhaustive assessment of:

  • Current and future opportunity
  • Product & Price benchmarking
  • Government Policies
  • Competition
  • Market Entry challenges
  • Market insights & trends
  • Demand & supply gaps
  • Potential buyers/ Partners
  • Industry value chain
  • Sales & Distribution channels and formats
  • Location Advantage

TechSci Research take multilevel complete approach to developing an applicable strategy for our client by looking at variety of influential factors that could impact client’s market entry, including but not limited to:

Implementation Stage:

A strong and impactful strategy is good enough if it is effectively implemented. This is the purpose why TechSci Research support international and domestic clients with all their Implementation strategies in India.

Our few of implementation activities includes:

  • Setting up of a Greenfield facility
  • Recruitment of Key People
  • Identifying Vendors
  • Importer-distributors network establishment
  • Incorporation of the Indian entity
  • Target identification for JVs & etc.

Why TechSci’s Market Research so special?

There are great business opportunities in all the sectors in India, but it is hard for international companies to evaluate real market potential. You need to understand the business dynamics and TechSci Research can help you guaranteed achievement in India.

We not only support you by collecting and analysing relevant data but also turn this essential data into a clear and practical business plan.

TechSci Research has enormous hands-on expertise across several Indian industries and almost 10 years of operational knowledge.

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