Dedicated Analyst Support – On-Site or Off-Site

Dedicated Analyst Support – On-Site or Off-Site

TechSci Research provides precisely the kind of support that each client needs whether it is On-Site or Off-Site.

If you need dedicated Analyst support but you are not sure when your sales or strategy or management team might ask for a quick turnaround research throughout the year than we recommend you to try our dedicated market research analyst services.

At TechSci Research, we provide clients with the flexibility of using analysts only when they need them. By pre-booking analyst time, our clients have benefited by not having to hire additional analysts for small research requests that require quick turnaround time.

Flexibility – You’re only charged when you use it.

Under this model clients can pre-book analyst hours starting from minimum 200 hours (25 days) to 1920 hours (full year support from Monday to Friday) which can be used throughout the year on a need basis.

Access Multiple Industry Analysts At The Cost of One

This model is best suited for companies which requires analysts from multiple domains such as Chemicals, IT, Telecom, Automotive, etc. so you don’t have to hire multiple analyst every time your requirement changes.

Research Support for Sales & Business Development Team

This model is also best suited for organisations who require quick turnaround research support for the sales or business development teams.

For example, if your sales team is about to pitch a client for your products & services and you need a quick research or company profile to understand targeted companies business and recent activity than this kind of research requests are met by our dedicated research analysts within 24-48 hours depending upon the client’s requirement.

Clients can always request for On-Site research support where our dedicated research analyst will sit in your office and work with your team dedicatedly and closely or you can always leverage off-site research support where our research analyst from our office will provide you complete support.

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