Customer Segmentation Case Study

TechSci Research helped a Japanese client narrowing down countries for enter stagey in South East Asian region.

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    A global manufacturer of Egg Yolk Lecithin & Hyaluronic Acid, intended to discover the market potential for egg yolk lecithin and hyaluronic Acid in India, China and South East Asian countries. Thus, the client approached TechSci Research to provide market insights and segmentation such as market size and forecasts for both products, application wise breakdown of each category, market trends in addition to the sectoral outlook of each country.

TechSci Research conducted an exhaustive research in two phases:

Phase 1: TechSci team conducted exhaustive research and provided the market trends, market size (value & volume), and application wise market share & forecast (value & volume) for eight countries, as requested by the client.

Phase 2: Based on the market analysis conducted during Phase 1 the client shortlisted three countries for further research. The team conducted further research on the selected countries to identify : Major end users of Egg-yolk Lecithin & Hyaluronic Acid in pharma, food, cosmetics

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