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The global live streaming market is witnessing significant growth during the forecasted period, owing to the increasing number of smartphone users in different countries. Moreover, the rising penetration of internet through a fast broadband connection and the growing connectivity without any physical presence is driving the global live streaming market demand.

As per the data provided by Data Report, there are approximately 5.31 billion smartphone users, which is about 67.1% of the total global population. Moreover, there are about 4.95 billion internet users with 4.62 billion active social media users. Thus, the rise in the increasing number of smartphone users and internet, is significantly boosting the demand for live streaming in several countries.

Live streaming is a social media tool that allows businesses and consumers to post unedited, live videos in real-time on websites such as Facebook and Instagram. Live streaming can teach an online lesson, launch and market new goods and services, and share important company news. Through live streaming, brands can connect with and engage with millions of people worldwide.

 Live streams can help brands and influencers reach a large audience base on social media platforms and are more similar to crowd-pullers. These live broadcasts allow viewers to witness the event in its authentic setting, which obtains additional interest.

Previously due to lockdown, this video format has also become an essential component of brand social media marketing. People now prefer to watch live sessions online from the comfort of their homes, instead of going on outings. Brands now have the chance to experiment with their content strategy. Nowadays, brands engage experts and influencers for live video since it improves the quality of the content and attracts more viewers. Moreover, live streaming is being utilized for various ranges, including tutorials and Q&A sessions.

Expansion of E-Sports and Video Games Propelling the Market's Expansion

The main factors anticipated to drive the growth of the live streaming market during the forecast period include the rising popularity of video games, increasing awareness of eSports among children, large-scale investments, and adoption of advanced gaming technologies, thanks to the growing number of gamers. There have been around 22,987 e-sports players in the United States, with a 29.6 million monthly viewership in 2022. Thus, with the increase in players, tournaments, and viewership, the live streaming market is expected to grow significantly in the forecasted years.

Rising Broadband Penetration is Driving the Market Growth

As per the data provided by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in the year  December 2021, fiber subscriptions grew by 18.6%, surpassing cable, which currently accounts for 32.4% of fixed broadband connections in OECD countries. Moreover, according to the report “US Telecom Industry Metrics & Trends 2020,” around 85% of households in the United States have a fixed broadband connection. Thus, the increasing penetration of broadband connections in different countries that provide high-speed internet, will significantly drive the live streaming market in other countries.

Rise in Live Streaming Preference Over S