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Global online on-demand home services market size is anticipated to grow during the forecast period due to busy lifestyles of the consumers and increasing company’s focus on delivering personalized and tailored experiences to customers.

Global Online On-Demand Home Services Market Scope

The online on-demand home services market is an economic sector that connects service providers with customers via online platforms or mobile applications. It allows customers to order and get various services on-demand at their homes or other desired locations.

Online on-demand home services platforms connect service providers (individuals or businesses) with customers. Customers can use the website and mobile application to explore various services, compare pricing, read reviews, and book services. The platform acts like an intermediary, coordinating, scheduling, and processing payments.

Consumers can access a wide range of services in the online on-demand home services industry, including home cleaning, repairs & maintenance, health & wellness, packing & moving, pet care, etc. Home cleaning includes services like car wash, house cleaners, pest control, etc. Repairs & maintenance includes services like plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. Health & wellness includes services like beauty & salon, fitness coach, etc.

Global Online On-Demand Home Services Market Overview

The global online on-demand home services market has witnessed significant growth and transformation in recent years. This market refers to the provision of a variety of services, such as home cleaning, plumbing, electrical repairs, gardening, beauty services, and many more, via online platforms and mobile applications. The global online on-demand home services business has grown significantly as a result of factors such as smartphone penetration, convenience, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing adoption of smartphones and internet connectivity worldwide are major drivers of this market's growth. With the growing popularity of smartphones, an increasing number of consumers are turning to internet platforms to identify and book home service providers. As a result of this shift in customer behavior, multiple online on-demand home service platforms have emerged, creating a highly competitive market landscape. While the challenges of maintaining service quality persist, the market is expected to expand further with advancements in technology and increased consumer acceptance of online service platforms.

The global online on-demand home services market is highly competitive, with several major players vying for market share. To attract and retain customers, businesses invest extensively in marketing, technology development, and extending their service offerings.

Global Online On-Demand Home Services Market Drivers

The global online on-demand home services market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by several key factors. The convenience it provides is a significant driver of the online on-demand home services business. Customers can use their smart phones or computers to book services such as house cleaning, plumbing, electrical repairs, beauty services, and more from the comfort of their homes. This convenience aspect has played a crucial role in the growing adoption of on-demand home services.

The online on-demand home services market provides a wide variety of services to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Customers can search for experts for any home-related task, from cleaning and laundry to specialized services like plumbing, electrical repairs, painting, and interior design. This variety of services contributes to the market's growth by attracting clients with different requirements.

Additionally, online on-demand home services save customers valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching for service providers, making phone calls, and coordinating appointments. With just a few clicks, customers can find and book skilled professionals who can quickly address their home service needs. This time-saving aspect appeals to busy individuals and households.

Furthermore, busy lifestyles have increased demand for online on-demand home services. As more people move to cities and work long hours, they often have limited time and energy to attend household chores and maintenance tasks. Online on-demand home services provide a convenient solution by connecting them with skilled professionals who can handle these tasks efficiently.

Global Online On-Demand Home Services Market Trends

The increasing popularity of mobile applications is a prominent trend in the global online on-demand home services market. Mobile applications have become the primary platform for accessing on-demand home services. Customers are able to book services, track appointments, make payments, and submit comments using user-friendly apps designed by service providers. The convenience and accessibility of mobile apps have contributed to the growth of the market.

Additionally, the expansion of service offerings drives the growth of global online on-demand home services market. Initially, on-demand home services were limited to basic services like cleaning, plumbing, and electrical repairs. However, the market has expanded to include a wide range of services such as beauty and wellness, personal fitness training, pet care, and home improvement. This diversification has attracted a broader customer base and increased market opportunities.

Furthermore, online on-demand home service providers are increasingly focusing on delivering personalized and tailored experiences to customers. They are leveraging customer data and preferences to offer customized recommendations, pricing options, and service packages. Service providers can enhance customer satisfaction and develop long-term relationships by personalizing their products.

Global Online On-Demand Home Services Market Challenges

Customers' lack of trust and reliability is a major challenge in the global online on-demand home services market. Customers often rely on online reviews and ratings to assess the reliability and quality of service providers. However, fake or biased reviews can mislead customers, making it difficult for them to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, the market is highly fragmented, with numerous players offering various services. This fragmentation makes it difficult for customers to select the best service provider and can lead to intense competition among service providers.

Recent Developments

  • In 2023, Zomato-owned Blinkit is planning to launch a new vertical to offer home services such as plumbing, electrician, beautician, and electronics repair as part of its attempts to diversify its revenue streams.
  • In the year 2020, Housejoy, a home maintenance company, has launched Joe, its brand mascot. The mascot is a human-technology hybrid, a superhero with superpowers. Joe served as Housejoy's unifying factor across its two distinct verticals and 20+ services, enabling seamless and out-of-the-box communication and brand messaging.

Global Online On-Demand Home Services Market Opportunities

The global online on-demand home services market offers multiple opportunities for companies in the market to expand their offerings and grow their customer base. The demand for online on-demand home services is on the rise as more people seek convenient solutions for their household needs. Busy lifestyles, urbanization, and the growing adoption of digital platforms have contributed to this demand. Service providers can capitalize on expanding the market by catering to a diverse range of customer needs.

Additionally, technological improvements such as smartphone apps, GPS monitoring, and online payment systems have made it easier for service providers to connect with customers and offer services efficiently. Integrating innovative technologies into service platforms can enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and differentiate a business from competitors.

Furthermore, the online on-demand home services market encompasses a wide range of service categories, including home cleaning, repair person services, plumbing, electrical work, beauty and wellness, appliance repair, pet care, and more. Businesses can explore opportunities in specific niche markets or offer comprehensive solutions covering multiple service categories to cater to diverse customer preferences.