Report Description

The Indian lingerie market is anticipated to grow during the forecast period owing to rising the popularity of social media platforms, growing internet penetration, and increasing e-commerce platforms.

Lingerie is the term used to describe women's underwear. In France, the term is more commonly used to refer to underwear in general, which is how the word was originally employed. Lingerie is typically thought of as clothing that enhances and flatters the feminine figure and makes the wearer appear more attractive in various countries. They may, however, also be made with modesty or even comfort in mind. Cotton or linen was originally used to make lingerie. However, the majority of the items associated with lingerie today, such as bras and underwear, are quite contemporary.

Two categories best describe most contemporary lingerie. The first category consists of undergarments made with practicality or modesty in mind. For example, slips and camisoles are designed to be worn below outerwear. The underwear in the second category is racier. This category includes a variety of decorative corsets, beautiful bra and underwear sets, and nightgowns. This is also taken into consideration when making short robes and fancy camisole.

Lingerie is becoming an increasingly important component of women's wardrobes. Nevertheless, India's expanding urbanization is one of the key factors driving the market's growth. The lingerie market is growing significantly, and this trend is expected to continue.

Rising Popularity of Social Media Platforms and Internet Penetration is Expected to Boost Market Demand

India's strong internet usage has been heavily attributed to increasing consumer awareness of lingerie in the nation. Across all social media platforms, including Instagram (230.3 million users), Facebook Messenger (122.5 million users), Twitter (23.60 million users), etc., the country has a high percentage of active users. In January 2022, there were 658.0 million internet users in India. In India, there were 467.0 million active users of social media in January 2022. At the beginning of 2022, social media usage in India accounted for 33.4% of the country's total population. Therefore, the rising internet penetration and the rising popularity of social media platforms in the country is expected to fuel the market demand for lingerie during the forecast period.

Company’s Spending on Marketing Strategies Aids the Market

The market for lingerie in India is expected to be driven by companies spending on R&D activities and marketing tactics to boost the growth of products during the forecast period. Businesses use celebrity marketing to attract customers, increase sales, and increase profits. Zivame launched the "Grand Lingerie Festival" in India. Triumph and the Indian actress Kriti Sanon are co-powering it. With more than 50000 styles from more than 100 manufacturers, it is bigger and better than ever. The semi-annual intimate wear event sponsored by features the widest selection of lingerie and sleepwear products, including shapewear, activewear, and many more. Therefore, the increasing spending on marketing strategies by the companies for increasing revenue and other benefits fuels the Indian lingerie market during the forecast period. 

Companies Expanding their Presence Fuels the Market Growth

The demand for Indian lingerie is expected to increase throughout the forecast period as a result of Indian companies using cutting-edge marketing strategies to draw clients, such as mergers and acquisitions with rival companies. For instance, in 2022, with an investment of USD 125 million, Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (RRVL) acquired a majority 89% equity stake in Clovia, a market leader in the bridge-to-premium intimate apparel category. Moreover, in 2021, Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (RRVL) purchased from MAS Brands, a fully owned subsidiary of MAS Holdings of Sri Lanka, the retail lingerie companies under the umbrella brand “Amante” for an undisclosed amount. The products are distributed throughout India and Sri Lanka through company-owned stores, multi-brand outlets, and e-commerce channels. Therefore, acquisitions and mergers of the companies are expected to fuel the demand for lingerie in India during the forecast period.

Growing Trend of Flexible Fabrics Drives Market Growth

The Indian lingerie market is being driven by the growing trend of producing lingerie with flexible fabrics. Other factors contributing to the increase in lingerie demand and consumption include the use of lace, cotton, nylon, silk, and sheer textiles. Designers of undergarments are concentrating on producing clothing with opulent components such as lace, embroidery, and other embellishments. The aforementioned factors have increased consumer interest in these products, which inspires designers and producers to create comparable, stylish lingerie that meets a range of needs.