The global UV toothbrush sanitizer market is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR in the forecast period, 2023-2027. A toothbrush sterilizer, also referred as a toothbrush sanitizer, is an appliance that utilizes short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) radiation to kill or inactivate germs on a toothbrush. UV sterilizers successfully destroy bacteria and microorganisms, as per the studies published in dentistry publications. Toothbrush sanitizers typically work in one of three ways to destroy dangerous bacteria: steam and dry heat, ultraviolet light, or UV and heat. The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has resulted into inclination of towards heath conscious and the usage of health-related products which are safe and avoids frequent visits to doctors. This further created an environment of awareness among consumers related to the usage of oral hygiene products. The Covid-19 pandemic is projected to stimulate to the increasing demand for health-conscious products, which fuels the growth for toothbrush sterilizers during the forecast period. 

Rise in Risk of Harmful Oral Bacteria is Projected to Accelerate the Product Demand

The elevating awareness regarding the oral hygiene and harmful oral bacteria which causes numerous dental health hazards including gingivitis, periodontal disease, oral herpes, canker sores, and others are some of the primary factors propelling the growth of the market. Furthermore, toothbrush sanitizer prevents harmful bacteria from wreaking havoc in the oral cavity due to which is UV toothbrush sanitizer traction among people resulting in an escalating demand for the product. Also, easy product availability and expanding e-commerce penetration are few other driving factors for growth of the UV toothbrush sanitizer market.

Technological Advancements to Combat Covid-19 Pandemic Supports the Market Growth

The escalating demand for UV sterilization in toothbrush due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic is driving the growth of the market. Various manufacturers are promoting toothbrush sanitizers through several innovative marketing techniques is augmenting the market growth. Recruitment of well-certified dentists for branding, extensive distribution network in urban and rural markets for enhanced product availability, partnership with sales staff and distributors, digital, print, and visual media through advertising campaigns in radio, television, channels, billboards, magazines, newspapers, hoardings, and competitive pricing strategies are significant innovative marketing methods followed by the key market players owing to the strong competition. This has further increased the product visibility and is expected to escalated demand for the product in the forthcoming years.