Report Description

UAE Prenatal & Neonatal Care Devices market is expected to register robust growth in the forecast period, 2023-2027. The prenatal and neonatal care devices refer to the specialized equipment that are widely utilized to diagnose, monitor and treat diseases and medical ailments of the fetus and new-born babies. The growing prevalence of hospital-acquired neonatal ailments and complications are among the primary factors which is contributing to the growth of the market. Along with this, the expanding number of cases of premature birth with low immunity and weight are escalating the requirement of prenatal and neonatal devices across UAE propel the market growth.

Rising Awareness About Prenatal and Neonatal Care Augments the Market Growth

Numerous initiatives undertaken by government bodies to provide enhanced healthcare to the newborns as well as the pregnant mothers which is expected to propel the prenatal and neonatal care devices market across UAE. In addition to this, several campaigns are launched by the public along with private organizations to spread the awareness regarding these devices and minimize the overall neonatal mortality rate fuels the growth of neonatal and prenatal devices market in the coming years. The higher number of incidences of pre-term births across UAE and the growing adoption of sedentary lifestyles and getting pregnant at older ages causes several prenatal problems which are further projected to drive the market growth.

Elevating Demand for Prenatal Therapy Supports the Market Growth

The inflating levels of disposable income and rising healthcare expenditure is propelling the demand for these devices. The growing emphasis on maternal healthcare as well as escalating need for prenatal diagnostics and therapeutics is estimated to accelerate the growth of the market. With this, continuous technological advancements along with the elevating levels of urbanization and increasing working women population are some of the major growth-inducing factors for the neonatal & prenatal devices market. Moreover, the high in number of fetal disorders owing to changing environment conditions have escalated the demand for respiratory equipment and ventilators for immediate treatment at birth for the premature babies who are often unable to breathe. This, in turn, is anticipated to augment the growth of the prenatal and neonatal care devices market during the forecast period.

Rising Demand for Incubators Fuels the Market Growth

The infants who are taken care in the incubators, also known as “open warmers”. The neonatal incubators are often required for infants who needs respiratory support ranging from extra oxygen (by head hood or nasal cannula) to continuous positive airway pressure or mechanical ventilation. The need for temperature regulation among newborn babies or preterm babies are among the major factors to be controlled in the neonatal incubator cases. Various devices are manufactured on numerous parameters, such as temperature regulation is very significant as severe temperature differences lead to neonate heat loss, hypothermia, and apnea, which are expected to promote the growth of the prenatal and neonatal care devices market in the upcoming years.