The Indonesia air purifiers market is expected to grow during the forecast period, as result of deteriorating environmental quality caused by an increase in coal-fired power plants and biomass burning, which is a major seasonal air pollution source in the area. The demand for products will also rise during the predicted period due to growing consumer knowledge of product advantages.

Several reasons contribute to increase air pollution, which in turn drives up demand for air purifiers such as increased rapid urbanization as result of increasing construction activities and increasing population in the country, it will lead to increase the market demand in the upcoming years. For instances, the overall population is expected to reach 282,648,040 in 2022, up from the previous year's figure.

Particulate pollution in Indonesia is primarily caused by seasonal agricultural burning practices, seasonal forest fires, open burning of household waste, and reliance on coal-based energy, which is linked to chronic respiratory diseases and increases their mortality rates. Furthermore, Jakarta, Badung, and Denpasar are all major cities which are caused by the air pollution. Additionally, emission produce from vehicles and the country's expanding industrial, it will increase the market demand during the projected period

Both indoor and outdoor environments are susceptible to air pollution, which has a negative impact on human health. Which cause to increase the risk of diseases like cancers, respiratory problems, tuberculosis, allergic conditions, and cataracts. As a result, government took an initiative towards controlling the air pollution and set the guidelines for air safety in the household. Since 2021, WHO supported the Ministry of Health to develop the National Indoor Air Quality roadmap 2022-2030 as a reference for the government and related parties in planning, compiling, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating policies and strategies related to indoor air quality. For instances, in 2021, the average AQI in the Indonesia is 97, with PM2.5 levels, which is 6.9 times higher than the World Health Organization's (WHO) exposure recommendation. As a result, it will lead to the market demand of air purifiers during the projected years.

Moreover, a significant increase in the demand for air purifiers is anticipated from both the residential and commercial sectors due to growing health concerns among peoples and the need for safe working environments, increase the demand for air purifiers in the nation over the forecast period. Additionally, Coway Indonesia, an air purifier and water filtration company, has partnered with digital consultancy Magnus for an influencer marketing campaign. The campaign, which ran until October 2021, focused on Coway's new products, the Air Purifier Tornado, and the Water Purifier Cinnamon. Magnus has been tasked with increasing Coway's brand awareness and presence in Indonesia and on social media.

Technical Advancement Increase the Market Growth

To strengthen their position in the market, the major firms adopt a variety of approaches. One such essential technique is the acquisition of businesses to increase brand value among customers. Periodic launches of innovative products are to be consider as a strategy approach to attract the consumers towards the product. For instances, in 2021, Ecovacs Robotics launched new innovative air purifier, “Ecovacs Airbot Ava” is a robotic air purifier, The new Airbot Ava robotic air purifier was created by Ecovacs with a technology that can work together with smart home devices to satisfy consumer needs for air quality. The product has a different feature such a mapping and navigation technology, which allows for the easy mapping of home layouts for air purification and automatically improves indoor air quality by filtering 150 litres of air in one second. Its sensors detect pollutant concentrations automatically and instruct the robot to areas with the poorest indoor air quality.

Growing Concerns about Indoor Air Quality Boost Market Demand

The impact of using an air purifier to improve air quality and reduce potentially harmful circulating particles like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and smoke is expected to drive market growth in the coming year due to the health effects of air pollution, which include decreased lung function, increased respiratory symptoms, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and shortened life expectancy.