Report Description

Forecast Period


Market Size (2023)

USD112.45 Million

CAGR (2024-2029)


Fastest Growing Segment


Largest Market

North India

The India Sex Toys Market was estimated at around USD112.45 Million in 2023 and is growing at a CAGR of 15.24% during the forecast period.

India Sex Toys Market Scope

Sex toys are items used to increase the pleasure during sexual activity or masturbation. The symptoms of conditions such as erectile dysfunction, genital arousal disorder, hypoactive sexual disorder, and orgasm disorder, can also be treated with the help of sex toys.

India Sex Toys Market Overview

India's market for sex toys is relatively new and has been expanding quickly in recent years. Consumer demand for sex toys is growing because of increased understanding of sexual health issues, more open and liberal attitude towards sex and sexuality, and the accessibility of private internet shopping choices.

India Sex Toys Market Drivers

In India, there has been a significant shift in attitude towards sex and sexuality in recent years. Traditionally, the Indian society has been conservative and reserved when it comes to discussing sex and sexuality due to the social stigma present in the society. But with the globalization of media, Indian society has been exposed to western culture that often tends to be more open and liberal towards sex and sexuality. Thus, this exposure has helped to break down traditional social stigmas and taboo associated with sex and has encouraged more open discussions of sexual issues in the society, further leading to encourage people to buy sex toys for sexual wellness. According to a data provided by Times of India in 2020, the sale of sex toys and other adult products had grown by 65% in the period after the lockdown, despite the fact that people in many sections of the country continued to stay home. Thus, the rising awareness through social media has also played a significant role in changing attitude towards sex for people in India.

The rise of e-commerce in India has also played a significant role in driving the market growth of sex toys in India. Online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years with more people opting for goods and services online instead of offline stores. E-commerce platforms offer a convenient shopping experience, allowing customers to browse and purchase products from the comfort of their own homes, without the need to visit physical stores. Moreover, particularly in the case of sex toys, many brands in India that are dealing in sex toys are offering discreet packaging, which is particularly popular for customers who may be hesitant to purchase sex toys in physical stores due to social stigma or privacy concerns.

India Sex Toys Market Trends

There has been a significant increase in products for females in the India sex toys market. This includes products such as vibrators, dildos and other toys designed to enhance female pleasure. Moreover, due to the growing awareness of the importance of female sexual pleasure and a desire to cater the needs of female consumers, the sex toys market in India will register a significant growth. In addition, there has been a greater focus on women’s social health and well-being in India, thereby contributing to the female centric products. Many women are now more comfortable discussing their sexual needs and desires, which has led to a greater demand for products that can enhance female’s sexual experience.

There has been a greater focus on hygiene and safety in the India sex toys market. As the market has grown, manufacturers have realized the importance of using body safe materials. Hygiene is significantly important when it comes to sex toys, as they can easily harbor bacteria and other disease. To address this concern, many manufacturers are using materials that are non-porous and easy to clean, such as medical grade silicon, glass, or metal. Moreover, manufacturers are also providing instructions on how to clean and maintain the products, so that users can avoid any potential health risks.

The smart sex toys in India is significantly experiencing high demand as smart sex toys incorporate technology such as Bluetooth connectivity, mobile apps, and remote-control features to enhance user experience. One of the advantages of smart sex toys is that they offer greater control and customization in comparison with normal sex toys. For instance, smart sex toys allow users to control the intensity and pattern of vibrations using mobile application, while some of the smart sex toys can be remotely controlled by a partner. Thus, it provides the user with a more personalized and satisfying sexual experience.