Report Description

Forecast Period


Market Size (2023)

USD589 Million

CAGR (2023-2028)


Fastest Growing Segment


Largest Market

South India

India Hair Color market is projected to grow throughout the forecast period, owing to increased awareness of hair-highlight trend, expanding market for salon services and innovative technology used in salons to improve the use of hair care products. Other issues include increase in consumer hair related issues, accelerated socioeconomic development, and the rapidly growing impact of social media.

India Hair Color Market Scope

Hair Color is the practice of changing one’s hair color. This can be done for various reasons including fashion and style purpose, to cover grey hair, or to change one’s look with different hair color. Typically, chemicals used in hair color products penetrate the hair roots to change the color of the hair. Hair color can be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary. Permanent hair color is designed to last until the hair grows out or is cut, while semi-permanent hair colors last for a few weeks and gradually fades over time. Temporary hair colors are washed out after a few shampoo and is often used for special occasions or to experiment with new hair color.

India Hair Color Market Overview

India Hair Color market is experiencing high demand owing to the rising trend among urban youth and young professionals, but it is also gaining popularity among aged women and men. The increasing availability of hair color products across different price points and channels including online platforms, is further fueling the growth of this market. The hair color market, which had traditionally been dominated by ‘powders’, including henna, has seen considerable shifts to crème colors, especially among young generation which has also increased the demand of hair color market in India. In addition, the market is benefiting from the launch of new and innovative products, increased marketing efforts by companies, and a growing number of professional salons and beauty parlors. Major players are focusing on product innovation, launching new products with natural ingredients, and expanding their distribution network to gain a larger share of the market.

India Hair Color Market Drivers

Hair Color market in India is growing due to various factors such as the increasing demand for hair color in India, driven by the rising popularity of hair color as a fashion trend and a desire to cover grey hair. Moreover, with changing lifestyle and growing income levels, consumers are becoming more aware and conscious about their appearance. They are looking for more innovative and new hair color products that offer long lasting results with less damage. In addition, more working women are demanding hair color products to maintain their appearance. The ease of availability of hair color products across various distribution channel, including online platforms and retail stores, is boosting the growth of the hair color market in India.

Hair Color market in India is becoming highly competitive, with manufacturers engaging in aggressive advertising and promotional activities to attract consumers. Moreover, hair color manufacturers are introducing new hair color products in different color shades according to the changing needs and preferences of consumers. The development of natural and organic hair color products is also contributing to the market growth.

India Hair Color Market Trends

As the hair color market in India grows, more and more companies are competing for market share and customer engagement. Moreover, businesses are expanding their operations in the India Hair Color market through strategic alliances or acquisitions. As hair color is a popular beauty product in India, and the market is continuously growing with new trends. For example, the increasing awareness about the harmful chemicals used in traditional hair color products, making natural and organic hair color increasingly popular in India. These products are made using natural ingredients and are considered safer for hair and scalp. For instance, in 2021, Indus Valley launched its 100% organic certified hair color in six shades. These hair colors are free of ammonia and various harmful chemicals.

Another trend in hair color market in India is the increasing popularity of hair color services at home. Many consumers are choosing to color their hair themselves rather than visiting a salon, due to the convenience and cost saving. Thus, various companies are offering hair color products at home. Additionally, there has been a growing trend towards bold and vibrant hair color such as blue, purple, pink, green, etc. These colors are becoming popular among the younger generations. Overall, the hair color market in India is evolving constantly, and new trends are likely to emerge as consumer preferences continue to shift.