Middle East & Africa Automotive Aftermarket

Middle East Automotive Aftermarket is anticipated to grow at impressive rate through the study period, poised by harsh climatic condition of country in the region which decreases the life of automotive spare parts such as air filter, oil filter, battery, alternator, braking, transmission system etc. Moreover, the increasing vehicle fleet size is another major contributing factor for the growing demand for automotive aftermarket components.

Demand for Vehicle Customization Fueling the Growth

Over the years, demand for spare parts has increased, as customers have increasingly started to make performance modifications in their vehicles by customizing and enhancing their vehicles' aesthetics. The demand for vehicle modifications has risen in recent years, especially among the youth population owing to factors such as adding torque to the engine or enhancing the horsepower, window tinting to filter out harsh light, bumpers upgrade, led lighting modifications to change cabin and dash lighting to different hues, etc. The growing trend of vehicle customization in Middle East & Africa is boosting the demand for automotive aftermarket components.

Harsh Climate Leading to Increased Replacement Ratio

The climatic conditions of territories present in Middle East & Africa are harsh during the summer season. Moreover, the region is characterized by high sand cover. The region's sandy areas lack vegetation cover, resulting in the soil loosening and increasing sandstorm activities, which also contributes to the increased temperature during summer. Hence, the air conditioners of vehicles are mostly turned on throughout the drive. The continual usage of air conditioners decreases the life of air conditioners and their components, increasing the frequency of the auto parts replacement. Moreover, owing to sandstorms, filter components such as air filters and oil filters are changed frequently. The harsh climatic conditions have led to an increase in the frequency of replacement of automotive components, thereby driving the Middle East & Africa automotive aftermarket.

Middle East Automotive Aftermarket is split based on vehicle type, by component, by service channel, by customer segment, by product type, and by country. On the basis of vehicle type the market is segmented into passenger car, light commercial vehicle, medium commercial vehicle, heavy commercial vehicle. Passenger car segment is forecast to lead the market through the forecast period. The significant market share of the passenger cars is owing to their colossal fleet, growing working population utilizing their vehicles for office commuting, expanding car rental industry to cater to the flourishing tourism industry, greater fuel efficiency, good maneuverability, etc.

Market Segmentation

In terms of component, tires segment led the market due to the factors like increasing safety concerns, growing utilization of passenger cars due to the increasing number of female drivers after the removal of the ban on women driving, growing urbanization and living standards, etc. The tire segment is followed by body & mechanical parts segment, as majority of vehicle components such as brakes pads, automotive filters, radiators, front steering, suspension, axles, muffler, catalytic convertor falls in body & mechanical parts segment that are getting replaced in the aftermarket.


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