Egypt automotive aftermarket is expected to register robust growth in the forecast period, 2023-2027. The inflating crash repair and wear & tear are supporting the aftermarket component demand. With this, the growing customer expectations, continuous technological innovations, and the increasing competition across the automotive industry are the significant factors fueling the industry expansion. Th enhancing competition in the automotive industry is improving the development of online forums for automotive parts. Various manufacturers are expected to offer easy shipping options, flexibility, and seamless online information to bolster the sales of their products. Along with this, consumers are likely to compare products & prices before making a purchase. The rising in convenience combined with the low cost of shipping are supporting the sale of automotive products throughout coupled with the significant growth of international manufacturers penetration is expected to propel the market growth in the coming years.

Rise in the Average Age of Vehicles is Expected to Boost the Market Growth

Continuous advancements in material and technology that widely utilized for automotive manufacturing which has further increased the average operational age of vehicles is fueling the growth of the market. With this, the increasing number of vehicles with over 12 years of age is supporting the growth of the market.  Along with this, as per the study it has been observed that number of vehicles that are 16-24 years old is increasing in recent years which also drives the market growth. The reliability of the vehicles has been significantly increased in the recent past. Moreover, the rising average operational age of a vehicle and significant increase in the number of aftermarkets are accelerating the market growth. According to the data revelated by the Department of Transportation, the average age of passenger cars increased which is expected to fuel the market growth in the coming years.

Increase in concern over vehicle safety is Projected to Stimulate the Growth of the Market

The expanding number of road accidents caused on account of the breakdown of automotive components drives the market growth. This further resulted in increased awareness among public about the timely maintenance and repair of the vehicle propels the growth of the market.  The service of life of various automotive components is greatly dependent on the usage as automotive components have threshold lifespan. Furthermore, the service life of automotive components is highly dependent on utilization, as components have threshold lifespan which catalyses the market growth. The constant changing driving conditions warrant timely repair, maintenance, and replacement automotive parts is anticipated to cushion the market growth in the future years.