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United States Energy Bars Market Analysis

US Energy Bars Market

Consumer Goods and Retail | Oct, 2017

It is known that while purchasing snacks health is not often a key driver, particularly for impulse lines, whereas companies continue to position product on health platforms of various kinds. Requirement of snacks, which has low-calorie, natural components, whole grains etc. also includes functional and           passive claims on occasion such as added vitamins, minerals and fortified ingredients offering specific health benefits for hearth and digestive health.

Product Overview

Energy bars are also called supplement bars containing cereals other high energy foods. These energy bars are intended to boost physical energy of the consumer. The components include carbohydrates, fats, vitamin, minerals and protein. 

Bars: An Enclosed Market

Bars has become a snack that is witnessing a strong growth in parts due to its healthy position in cereal or granola bar segment. The US market for bars has seen strong growth recently and very high levels of new product launches, reflecting nutritional and health image, which has remained persistent despite the contradicting publicity about the sugar content of the few products. The energy bars will acquire a potential role as a convenient on-the-go meal or snack replacement.

Company Performance in Nutritional Bars

Nutritional Bars manufacturer Quest Brand remained a untouchable in the bars category has grown around 450% on the back of distribution strong and gains sales in existing channels. While relative new entrants such as quest bran are having big impact on the bars market, some other brands are tapping into the current trends. 

United States Energy Bars Market

Energy bars market in United states grew on the bases of high demand due to key factor such as it serves as a quick energy and meal replacement for fitness freaks and athletes. Nutritional and granola bar has witnessed higher demand by the consumer in the bars market. These segments have shifted from mere snack to healthier food category. Bars as food supplement segments has led manufacturers to combine sweet baked appeal with gluten free, natural or organic components such as wholegrains, protein and other functional ingredients for health concern consumers.

 Figure 1: United States Population, 2010-2015 (Million)

                                                                                                        Source: World Bank

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Demographic trend

18 to 34 years of men hold the largest end users segment of high volume sales and women represents fourth largest group of consumers. Women above 65 and female boomers are increasingly important target for energy manufacturers.      

Factors to driving Energy Bars Market

  •         Snack bars are multi-purpose snacks and also appeals to broad range of consumer. High protein bars work for body builders, fitness freaks and athletes to replenish their lost energy.
  •          Bars provides flexibility of eating at convenience anywhere and anytime
  •          Energy bars provide adult with almost one third of total daily calories
  •          Energy bars is available in broad retail distribution channel from dollar stores, delis, grocery stores to gas stations.

About the Manufacturers

In the highly competitive energy bars market Clif Bar, General Mills and Kellogg’s together contribute to over 50% market share. General mills have one fourth of the market share due to its high-profile campaign to improve the quality of nutritional content has led to high demand for products such as Betty Crocker, Fiber One, Nature Valley and Larabar brands.

Clif bar is the leading manufacturers in the energy bar market in United States. The company rarely advertises in the main stream media but eventually relies and promote its product sports events, sport sponsorship and social media to maintain its lead in the market. Kellogg’s is another largest competitor in energy bars in the market and has successfully expanded its breakfast brands Rice, Krispies, Nutri-grain and special K across the multiple snack bar formats.


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