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Global Women Cosmetics Market: A New Dawn for the Cosmetic Brands

Global Women Cosmetics Market

Consumer Goods and Retail | Oct, 2017

Evolving consumer lifestyle is the key drivers behind the vigorous cosmetics market. Purchasing decisions are increasingly motivated by the quest for healthy living and usage of premium products with clean labels. In turn, this is driving personalised beauty and customisation, reinforced by smart technology that is catapulting forward the desired lifestyles.

Product Overview:

Cosmetics are the product or substances used to alter or enhance the appearance or fragrance of the body. Many cosmetic products are designed for applying to the hair and face. The cosmetic products are generally mixtures of chemical compounds as some being synthetics and some being derived from natural sources (like coconut oil). Most common cosmetic includes mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, rouge, skin lotions, skin cleansers, shampoo, perfume, cologne and hairstyling products (gel, hair spray, etc.). Cosmetics which are applied to the face to enhance its appearance are called as make-up or makeup

The Growing Global Women Cosmetics Market:

Global Women Cosmetics Market witnessed a moderate growth as United States, Japan and the United Kingdom leads the women cosmetics market on account of factors like increasing spending power of women, rising GDP per capita, availability of better and new products, rising awareness of the women to adopt different products, aggressive promotional activities etc. However, the market has been spurred by the rising adoption of the cosmetics products as a daily regimen by the women of the developing countries like India, China, etc. and thereby, adding up to the revenue of Global Women Cosmetics Market

Moreover, global women cosmetics market is also flourishing on the account of rising influx of fragrances, that not only provides a soothing fragrance but also various other benefits such as underarm whitening, which is inducing women across the globe to buy these fragrances. Women’s increasing interest in looking young is fueling the demand for skincare products that fight signs of fatigue, stress and ageing. Moreover, rise in the awareness about the women cosmetics products, along with the involvement of the celebrities to endorse brands is benefiting the women’s cosmetics market. 

                                                                 Figure 1: Global GDP Per-Capita, PPP, 2010-2016 (USD) 


What’s So Hot in the Global Women Cosmetics Market?

·   Product Innovations

Companies are focusing on bringing in products specific as per consumer requirement.

·    Organic products

Growing concerns for the long-term effects due to usage of cosmetics is forcing the manufacturers to bring in the organic cosmetic products as well. Rising trend of the use of natural and organic ingredients in cosmetic products is observed among various cosmetic manufacturing companies. This trend caters to the ever-increasing demand for organic and natural cosmetic products among consumers. Use of organic cosmetic products minimizes the chances of any possible side effects of the product. This ultimately increases and contributed to the usage of cosmetics among individuals and aiding to the growth of Global Women Cosmetics Market

Figure 2: Global Organic Make up Market Size, By Value, 2011-2021F (USD Billion)

·    Focus on Packaging 

Packaging plays a major role in the implementation of any marketing strategy. An attractive package is vital for the success of a brand and has a potential to back the company’s profits. As a result, companies these days package their products strategically to lure customers. Predominantly, in context to marketing, usage of the plastics made out of renewable raw materials, and biologically degradable materials have the ability to attract consumers. Alongside, being practical and comfortable, dispensers are also hygienic and environmentally friendly, and are increasingly being used in lotions, face wash, shampoos, etc. Moreover, companies are value packs for all its products.

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