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Body Care Majors such as Veet Bet High on India Male Grooming Market

India Male Grooming Market

Consumer Goods and Retail | Jan, 2020

Male grooming industry has come a long way over the last decade. From being a non-entity to a multi-billion-dollar market, male grooming is gaining worldwide acceptance and modern men are engaging in one or other forms of grooming regimes. Men and grooming were considered contrary in the past but with the rise of the metrosexual men, words such as body care, skin care and hair care are new additions to the dictionary of men.

Shift in Grooming Market

Changing landscape of grooming market is well noticeable under the hood of FMCG giants as well. Emami was the first company in India to launch fairness cream, ‘Fair & Handsome’ for men in 2005. Since then, male grooming market has been growing at an unprecedent rate and the launch of men centric grooming products by Marico, Emami, Loreal and Nivea validates that.

According to TechSci Research report “