Report Description

The United Kingdom surgical stapler Market is anticipated to register growth with an impressive CAGR in the forecast period, 2023-2027. The growing number of surgeries for corrective and preventive treatments across the United Kingdom is primarily driving the growth of the market. Moreover, the growing preference for Minimally invasive, quick, and less painful surgeries is also augmenting the demand for surgical staplers. Additionally, the availability of technologically advanced medical staplers due to the robust research and development programs is fostering the demand for surgical Staplers. Apart from this, the ongoing developments in healthcare infrastructure and the rising number of hospitals and clinics equipped with advanced medical devices and equipment are bolstering the adoption of surgical staplers.

Surgical Staplers, also refers as medical staplers, are specialized staples that are utilized in surgery or other medical procedure in place of sutures both externally or internally in order to close the cuts and wounds and connect or remove the parts of lungs or bowels. These staplers are made of stainless steel, composite plastics, and titanium. Surgical Staplers are preferred over stitches as they allow the surgeon to quickly close the wound with minimal damage, are easier to remove, and the patient spends less time with anesthesia. Moreover, Surgical Staplers facilitate minimal tissue reaction and possess a lower risk of infection

Rising Number of Surgical Procedures in United Kingdom Drives the Product Demand

The increasing preferences for bariatric and cosmetic surgeries across the region are significantly adding to the demand for surgical staplers across the United Kingdom. As per a recent research article, breast augmentation was the leading cosmetic surgery in the UK and accounted for 4,023 surgeries conducted in 2021. In addition, the growing number of obese people across the region, primarily due to unhealthy eating habits, high alcohol consumption, and stringent working schedules, is boosting the number of bariatric surgeries in order to lose weight. However, the number of women undergoing this surgery is considerably higher than men. In 2019/20, there were over 1.3 thousand bariatric surgery consultant episodes with men, whereas the consultant episodes recorded with women were 5.4 thousand. Apart from this, the rise in the number of cardiovascular surgeries, again due to the unhealthy lifestyle and high alcohol consumption, is driving the demand for surgical staplers in the region.

Introduction of Technologically Advanced Surgical Staplers Fuels the Market Growth

The ongoing technological advancement in surgical staples is positively impacting the adoption of surgical staplers across the United Kingdom. The leading manufacturers are working on reducing the size and the diameter of the surgical staplers to provide external as well as internal closure of incisions and wounds. Moreover, the introduction of powered surgical staplers has helped in reducing the time required for incision closure, thereby leading to less blood loss and quick surgeries. Additionally, the availability of surgical staplers with varying nob sizes and angles allows the surgeons to perform laparoscopic surgeries with ease. As a result, with the introduction of such advanced technologies, the United Kingdom surgical staplers market is anticipated to propel over the coming years.