Report Description

The United Kingdom precision farming Market is anticipated to register growth with an impressive CAGR in the forecast period, 2023-2027. Precision farming refers to a farming management technique that utilizes new technologies and research methods to increase the crop productivity, profitability, and sustainability of the environment. The technologies used to carry out precision farming ensures that the soils and crops receive exactly what they require for optimum health and productivity. Precision farming helps in achieving high quality of production along with minimizing the production and labor costs. As a result, with the rapid developments in the IT sector, precision farming is gaining wide traction across the United Kingdom.

With the increasing deployment of advanced technologies in precision farming along with the rapid penetration of smartphones and the internet, farmers are rapidly adopting modern farming techniques to increase crop productivity and reduce the labor cost. Besides this, the growing population across the United Kingdom, along with their rising preferences for healthy and nutritive Agri products, is adding to the demand of precision farming products and equipment.

Government initiative fuels the adoption of precision farming

The deteriorating health of soil due to the overuse of chemicals and pesticides is primarily pushing farmers to shift their focus towards sustainable agriculture practices. Moreover, with the rising number of training programs for the farmers by the United Kingdom government, the adoption of sustainable farming technologies such as precision farming has increased over the recent years. In addition, the government is also making financial resources easily available for farmers so that they can adopt the latest technologies in order to fulfill the proliferating demand for Agri products, especially organic food products. For instance, under the revised European Common Agricultural Policy, the European Union (EU) offered financial incentives and support schemes to allow farmers so that the farmers freely invest in diverse precision farming technologies.

Technological advancements drive the market growth

Precision farming is now coming with new connected technologies such as IoT, GPS, and Remote sensing features to help the farmers deeply understand several farming aspects such as plowing and irrigation. These technologies offer real-time data about soil health, the environment temperature, and water content in the soil, which assists the farmers in making informed and improved decisions about soil management and harvesting time. In addition to this, the remote sensors also help farmers in obtaining high crop productivity with less crop wastage. Besides this, several leading market players are increasingly investing in the R&D activities to launch innovative systems and devices in order to simplify agricultural activities, including farm management systems, automation and control systems, sensing and monitoring tools, etc. As a result, with the introduction of such advanced technologies the United Kingdom precision farming market is anticipated to propel over the coming years.