Report Description

United Kingdom e-pharmacy market is expected to register robust growth in the forecast period, 2023-2027. Cardiac monitoring (CM) devices assist in the continuous examination of the cardiac activity of a patient. Cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices help in maintaining a normal cardiac rhythm in patients suffering from rhythm and rate disorders of the heart. These devices play a significant role in treating numerous cardiac ailments, such as heart failure, atrial flutter, coronary ischemia, lack of oxygen supply to cardiac muscles, indications of recent heart attack, atrial fibrillation, effects of drugs, and certain genetic errors, among others. The increasing incidence of cardiac disorders and the growing number of unmet medical needs across the United Kingdom are primarily driving the market growth. With this, continuous advancements in the devices and the rising awareness among the patients regarding the cardiac management devices support the market growth. The development of new MRI-labelled devices is expected to offer lucrative opportunities for the growth of the cardiac monitoring & cardiac rhythm management sector in the upcoming years.

Rising Number of Internet Users is Estimated to Propel the Market Growth

Growing usage of the internet, as well as the higher speed of the internet, is leading to the growing adoption of digital technologies. This, in turn, offers unprecedented growth opportunities to the e-pharmacy sector. The expanding number of online service providers has improved the accessibility to internet pharmacies across UK regions, promoting the growth of the market. The ease of access to internet pharmacies through smartphones and the convenient availability of a wide range of pharmaceutical products are catalyzing the growth of the e-pharmacy market. Additionally, collaborations between the leading manufacturers and e-pharmacies to broaden the accessibility of their products and expand their customer base via online channels are anticipated to contribute to the market growth during the forecast period.

Increase in Penetration of E-commerce is Expected to Accelerate the Market Growth

A large patient pool opts for doorstep delivery of healthcare products on account of the unavailability of certain products or medicines at the retail stores. E-pharmacies minimize the dependency of chronically ill patients and old-age groups on someone else for the procurement of medicines and healthcare supplies are propelling the market growth. People, especially the millennial population, are highly reliant on online services for the procurement of goods such as medicines and cosmetics further supports the growth of the market. Several leading market players are focusing on artificial intelligence to ensure better satisfaction and better consumer experience, which is projected to revolutionize the e-pharmacy market in the forthcoming years.