UAE Hair Care market is anticipated to witness potential growth in the forecast period, 2023-2027. Hair care involves the usage of various products to cleanse, maintain, and enhance the overall texture and appearance of the hair. These products usually include gels, oils, rinses, shampoos, dressings, conditioners, sprays, tonics, masks, and serums. At present times, numerous companies are launching novel and innovative products that are sulfate-free to keep up with the continuously evolving hair trends. Along with this, the inflating disposable income levels, enhancing living standards, and the growing adoption of a modern approach to grooming practices are positively influencing the hair care market across UAE. The growing hair-related problems and the emerging trends of hair styling in the fashion industry, accelerates the market growth. Along with this, the increasing expenditure on beauty & personal care products, and changing grooming patterns are anticipated to stimulate the market growth over the predicted years.

Expanding Fashion Sector is Expected to Bolster the Growth of Hair Care Market

Hair care products including shampoo, hair color, hair conditioner, hair styling products, and hair oil are gaining popularity among the consumers across the globe. The emerging trend in fashion industry, advancement in the personal care industry, and rising awareness regarding hair care products are some of the factors propelling the growth of the hair care market. Also, the elevating trend of using hair color products, highlights, etc. is further driving the market growth. The growing economic growth, changing lifestyle, and inclination toward professional hair treatment are supporting the growth of the market. A wide assortment of hair care products has been enriching the personal care industry. The enhancing focus on improving the performance of ingredients utilized in personal care products and the escalating demand for safer and organic products are expected to witness lucrative growth opportunities to generate revenue streams in the forthcoming years.

Escalating Demand for Shampoos and Hair Colors Augments the Market Growth

The elevating awareness of several hair care products for better health of hair is fueling the growth of hair care market. Clinicians are also recommending regular shampoos and hair conditioners to minimize the harsh effects of pollution, thereby people of all ages consider hair washing as a part of routine care. The growing incidences of fungal infections resulted into the dandruff and hair loss that has raised the level of awareness. In the recent years, the premature hair loss is increasingly being noticed among the younger populations which is propelling the consumers to look for hair care products that can meet personalized requirements. With this, the expanding geriatric population is also another factor driving the demand for hair color products. All the aforementioned factors are supporting the growth of the hair care market across UAE.

Continuous Product Innovations is Anticipated to Fuel the Market Growth

Hair care product manufacturers are increasing their focus on the development and launch of new and innovative products to cater to meet the demands of consumer. Presently, consumers are on a constant lookout for more efficient products that suit the requirements and lifestyle of consumers. The introduction of technological advanced products to fulfil the needs of the consumers that can provide UV ray protection, scalp care, and moisturizing benefits. The increasing focus on product premiumization and product line extension is growing on account of the consumers' willingness to pay more for innovative products. This, in turn, is expected to propel the growth of hair care market in the upcoming years.