Report Description

India White Putty market is expected to increase during the forecast period, owing to the increasing commercial development, rising number of residential buildings and high pace of industrialization. White putty is a mineral- and polymer-based powder that is applied to walls to give them a smoother appearance. It is based on cement. Prior to painting, it is primarily used to prepare an even wall surface by filling up gaps and cracks in walls. The walls will be more protected from cracks, stains, and mould when you apply white putty.

Increasing Commercial Development
The rapid rise in commercial spaces in India such as shops, modern format retails, malls, hotels, and restaurants & offices is likely to propel the demand for white putty in the country. The demand for white putty is expected to scale new heights as the use of sustainable products for a range of interior applications has gained significant momentum in the past few years and this trend is likely to continue during the forecast period. Moreover, the demand for white putty continues to grow due to its exceptional characteristics such as water resistance, life span and high adhesiveness. White putty is primarily made of white cement and used for interior as well as exterior applications. Additionally, there has been a noticeable increase in the demand for white putty in building projects around the nation as a result of the favourable characteristics of wall putty, such as its high binding property, ideal tensile adhesion, and compressive strength.

Rising Number of Residential Buildings
The increasing population is accelerating the demand for residential buildings, which is augmenting the demand for white putty all over India. Short-term expansion of building activities in India will be driven by financial incentives and other government policies supporting the housing market in the country. Long-term growth will mainly be driven by country’s growing population, which requires continued investments into residential building construction sector, which in turn, is creating a market opportunity for white putty manufacturers in India. For instance, government led ‘Housing for All’ scheme launched in 2015 has been one of the prime centres of residential infrastructure development in the country, where white putty has been extensively used due to various benefits such as improving the tensile strength of the wall, providing a smoother finish, multi-purpose application. Therefore, the white putty market in India is likely to increase with a rapid pace during the forecast period.

High Pace of Industrialization
White putty finds wide applications in various residential and commercial industries, among others. The Indian government and various other state governments seem to be focusing on rapid progress in industrial sector in order to sustain its growth. Over the next 10-20 years, industrialization in India is likely to continue its growth momentum, which is expected to create significant demand for white putty in the industrial sector.