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Forecast Period


Market Size (2022)

USD 6.2 Billion

CAGR (2023-2028)


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Market Overview

Global Eyeliner Market has valued at USD 6.2 Billion in 2022 and is anticipated to project robust growth in the forecast period with a CAGR of 5.85% through 2028. The global eyeliner market has been on a consistent growth trajectory in recent years. This expansion can be attributed to several key factors that shape the cosmetics industry. Eyeliner, a fundamental makeup product, holds a significant place in the world of beauty and personal care. One of the primary drivers of the eyeliner market's growth is the ever-evolving beauty trends. As consumers seek diverse styles and looks, eyeliner products play a vital role in enhancing eye makeup. This trend diversity encourages innovation in eyeliner formulations, applicators, and colors, driving demand for various eyeliner options. Additionally, the rising awareness of cosmetics and personal grooming has led to increased eyeliner usage, both by individuals and professional makeup artists. The expansion of the beauty and fashion industry and the influence of social media further fuel this trend. Online sales channels have revolutionized the cosmetics industry, making it convenient for consumers to access a wide range of products. E-commerce platforms offer a vast array of eyeliner choices, and the ease of online shopping has contributed significantly to the market's growth. With global cosmetic brands continually introducing new eyeliner products and catering to diverse customer preferences, the global eyeliner market is expected to maintain its growth momentum in the coming years, appealing to a wide range of customers who prioritize eye-enhancing makeup.

Key Market Drivers

Diverse Beauty Trends and Consumer Preferences

One of the primary drivers of the eyeliner market's expansion is the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of beauty trends. As societal norms evolve and individual expressions of beauty become more diverse, consumers seek a variety of eyeliner options to complement their distinct styles. The demand for different eyeliner formulations, colors, and application techniques is on the rise as consumers experiment with bold and creative looks. The eyeliner market responds by offering a plethora of choices, including liquid liners for precision, pencil liners for a softer look, and gel liners for versatility. The adaptability of eyeliner to different styles and occasions positions it as a staple in makeup kits worldwide.

Growing Awareness of Personal Grooming

Increased awareness of personal grooming and the importance of maintaining a polished appearance have contributed significantly to the growth of the eyeliner market. Consumers are increasingly incorporating makeup into their daily routines, and eyeliner, with its transformative impact on the eyes, is a fundamental component of this trend. The growing influence of beauty influencers and makeup artists on social media platforms amplifies this awareness, driving consumers to explore and adopt eyeliner as an essential element of their beauty regimen. This heightened consciousness about personal grooming extends beyond traditional gender norms, with both men and women embracing makeup as a means of self-expression.

Expansion of the Beauty and Fashion Industry

The global beauty and fashion industry's continuous expansion plays a pivotal role in propelling the eyeliner market forward. As the industry grows, driven by consumer demand for innovative products and fashion-forward trends, cosmetic brands are compelled to introduce new and improved eyeliner formulations. Collaborations between beauty brands and fashion designers further enhance the visibility of eyeliner products, positioning them as integral to achieving the latest runway looks. The symbiotic relationship between the beauty and fashion sectors ensures that eyeliner remains at the forefront of product innovation, with an emphasis on meeting the diverse needs of consumers seeking on-trend and high-quality cosmetic options.

Rise of Online Sales Channels

The advent of e-commerce has revolutionized the cosmetics industry, providing consumers with unprecedented access to a vast array of beauty products, including eyeliners. Online sales channels have become instrumental in driving the growth of the eyeliner market by offering convenience, accessibility, and a diverse product range. Consumers can explore and purchase eyeliner products from global and niche brands without the constraints of physical store locations. Moreover, online platforms facilitate the dissemination of beauty tutorials and product reviews, influencing consumer purchasing decisions. The e-commerce boom has democratized the beauty industry, allowing emerging brands to gain traction and fostering competition that benefits consumers with innovative eyeliner options.

Innovations in Formulations and Applicators

Continuous innovations in eyeliner formulations and applicators contribute significantly to the market's sustained growth. Cosmetic companies are investing in research and development to create eyeliner products that offer long-lasting wear, smudge resistance, and a variety of finishes. The introduction of waterproof and sweat-resistant formulations caters to consumers seeking durability, especially in warmer climates. Additionally, advancements in applicator designs, such as precision brushes and ergonomic shapes, enhance the ease and accuracy of eyeliner application. These innovations not only cater to the evolving preferences of makeup enthusiasts but also attract new consumers who may have been previously deterred by the perceived complexity of eyeliner application.