Global electric vegetable & fruit chopper/slicer Market is anticipated to register growth with an impressive CAGR in the forecast period, 2023-2027. The market growth can be attributed to the rapidly changing household and commercial lifestyles, rising disposable income, and economical availability of electricity. Moreover, conventional cooking methods like chopping fruits and vegetables with the help of a knife and dish cleaning require tedious effort and time. Therefore, the next generation population, particularly the working population, is increasingly opting for kitchen appliances that are convenient to use and saves time. Electric vegetable and fruit chopper/slicer is a kitchen instrument that performs several tasks such as chopping, slicing, cubing, and grinding vegetables and fruits. It can also mince and puree ingredients within a few minutes. This appliance not only makes the user feel efficient but also helps in preparing delicious meals with the least effort in the kitchen.

Development of Energy-Efficient Electric Vegetable and Fruit Slicer/Choppers Fuels the Market Growth

The introduction of the energy-efficient electric chopper is providing a positive outlook to the market growth. With the rising environmental concerns regarding the increasing pollution, carbon emissions, and global warming, several key manufacturers have launched energy-efficient products. These products are also supported and promoted by the regulatory authorities, which in turn is boosting the adoption of electric vegetable and fruit chopper/slicer. Moreover, these technologically advanced products are coming with germ-resistant technology, as they reduce the direct touch with the food item, and the stainless steel of these electric choppers are non-porous and prevent germ invasion. All these technological advancements are anticipated to bolster the demand for electric vegetable and fruit choppers/slicers across the globe.

Growing Demand for Smart Kitchens Is Augmenting the Product Demand

The flourishing hotel and restaurant industry has given rise to the demand for electric and quick-performing kitchen appliances such as electric choppers. In addition, the rapid urbanization across the globe has compelled the HORECA sector to adopt smart kitchenware products. Moreover, with the inflating disposable income of the consumers, the demand for smart homes and kitchens has increased over the past years. Besides this, due to stringent working hours, consumers want to own convenient kitchenware that facilitates quick services. As a result, the demand for electric vegetable and fruit chopper/slicer is bolstering across the globe.