Report Description

Global Cool gel mattresses Market is anticipated to register growth with an impressive CAGR in the forecast period, 2023-2027. The market growth can be attributed to the growing demand for luxurious and customized products. Moreover, the growing disposable income of the consumers, along with the rise in homeownership, which on average is approximately 69.9% across the globe, is also bolstering the product demand. Cool gel mattress refers to a large rectangular pad filled with specially formulated memory foam that contains gel beads that absorbs heat and draw it away from the sleeper. These mattresses also assist in reducing nervousness, irritability, headaches, and stress because the cellular structure of the cool gel mattress is optimized to increase airflow over conventional formulations. Memory foam is well known for its pressure relieving qualities, but when combined with cool gel technology, it accelerates the comfort level to a whole new level. It evenly distributes the body’s weight and facilitates better support and pressure relief on key areas such as back, knees, and shoulders. As a result, the global cool mattresses market is estimated to grow at a rapid pace over the coming years.

Rising Disposable Income and the Rapidly Growing Construction Industry Facilitate the Market Growth

With the increasing purchasing power of the consumers and elevating living standard, the demand for more comfortable products is proliferating. Moreover, the implementation of favorable government policies in the development and construction of residential complexes is also providing a thrust to the market. In addition, the growing disposable income is further driving the tourism industry, which in turn is positively impacting the hospitality sector. Hotels are anticipated to hold a considerable share in the global cool gel mattresses market, as they change their mattresses more often than the residential users. Besides this, the migrating population, which migrates to other cities and countries for study or job purposes, prefers acquitting cool gel mattresses for rent which is also adding to the growth of the Global cool gel mattresses market.

Growing Prevalence of Posture-Related Problems

With the growing working population across the globe, which sits on their computer system for long hours, the instances of back and posture-related problems is increasing. As a result, there is widespread adoption of cool gel mattresses that aid in relaxing the spine while sleeping. Moreover, several market players are introducing hybrid mattresses that feature a deep cool gel-infused memory foam layer that works with the body to enable deep sleep and refreshing rest.