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The global consumer finance market was valued USD1221 billion in 2022 and is predicted to grow at CAGR of 7.16% through 2028 on account of growing demand for credit-based consumption, rising disposable incomes and strong economic growth. This sector is seeing a lot of new firms enter and grow, including significant peer-to-peer lenders and all-digital players.

Consumer lifestyles and financial conditions are changing quickly, which drives the consumer finance business. It is believed that one of the most coordinated and developed industries in the world is consumer finance. Consumer finance has been increasing steadily as a result of the ongoing population growth and economic expansion. Additionally, the quick processing of loan requests from a number of public and private banks or financial institutions, as well as the simple availability of various loans including home loans, vehicle loans, and school loans, are anticipated to support the expansion of the global consumer finance market.

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed the nation's overall economic expansion. The consumer finance market was also impacted by the economic slump. Consumer spending across loan categories, such as personal loans and consumer durable loans, had been significantly hit by issues like job losses, wage reductions, and concerns about the future, which further hampered the expansion of the global consumer finance sector during that period. As the primary secure and accessible choice for customers during the lockdown, the online options, reported increasing usage of financial services.