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Brazil Retread Tire Market is predicted to grow at considerable pace in the coming years due to increasing logistic and travel activities in the country.

Brazil Retread Tire Market Scope

The tire business is the major and important part of whole transportation industry in Brazil. It is one of the most import industries in Brazil. Thus, the Brazil tire market is expected to encounter huge ups over coming years. Besides, investment in tire retreading organizations could lead the Brazil tire market to develop at higher rate. The development of the tire business in Brazil has been driven by the development of automobile industry over past decade. Additionally, the market in Brazil is driving by the passenger vehicle segment because of huge volume of used tires in the country. To fulfill huge demand for tires with cost effectiveness, retreading tires has huge potential to grow over the coming period.

Brazil Retread Tire Market Overview

Automobile tires are a fundamental component of a vehicle's smooth activity on road. Tires bear the whole weight of the vehicle as well as the slowing down and controlling braking powers following up on the vehicle's street surface contact. Moreover, tires are comprised of many parts, for example, rims, body layers, inward linings, sidewalls, tracks, tread and belts. Throughout some undefined period, tread on the tires gets exhausted and flat because of steady contact with the surface and loses capacity to keep up the hold or foothold with the surface. Moreover, numerous customers lean toward retreading which involves using used tire over buying another tire as it gives almost a similar footing at lower cost for certain period of time.

The retreading system comprises of six significant processes: Starting Assessment, Buffing, Tread preparation and Building, Enveloping, Vulcanizing and visual inspection. The purpose of initial inspection is to identify and check whether casing is capable for retreading by thorough intensive examination of each tire, inside and outside. Further, premolded retread or new tread are applied to the polished and arranged casing to produce retread tire. In the premold cycle the uncured pad compound needs to vulcanize while the premolded tread is being kept ready. Furthermore, during curing of retread tires specific temperature and pressure are applied over a limited time period on vulcanized rubber to get optimal physical properties and maximum grip to the surrounding elements. At last visual inspection is carried out to check for cracks and overall quality of the retread tire.

Brazil Retread Tire Market Drivers

Growing Automobile Industry and Technology

The automotive retread tire market is growing in Brazil because of increasing sales of commercial and passenger vehicles, which is supported by growing financial exercises and transportation across country. Numerous transport vehicle businesses favor retread tires over new tires for their day to day travel, which provides unwavering quality and an better incentive over the high cost of new tires. Besides, retreading processes have become more advanced in quality and manufacturing capabilities over time, making them a sensible thought for the vast majority Organization. For instance, VMI group had installed Retrax 6005 v2 extruder at the Elo plant in Manaus which has a capacity in excess of 2,000 tires per month and is equipped with automatic tread application, ensuring the highest quality and lowest cost. Moreover, many organizations are laying out new appropriation and distribution networks for operation of retread tires in the country which further contributes to the Brazil retread tire market. Moreover, with these multiple benefits and advancement in retread tires, the interest and prevalence of retread tire market is supposed to contribute to the Brazil Retread Tire Market in forthcoming years.

Brazil Retread Tire Market Challenge

Increasing popularity of budget tires

Retread tires also known as recap tires or remolded tires, have gone through a remanufacturing cycle to supply the ragged tread on utilized tires with new track to assist with broadening the life of the tire. The utilization of retread tires is one found to resolve issues connected with cost and tire life span, and many are seeing advantages from using them. In spite of the fact that retread tires offer benefits like ecological security, and cost saving, the extensive variety of budget tire groups possess a significant challenge in Brazil retread tire market. Further, budget tires come at cheaper cost than retreading making them more favorable over retreading. On the other hand, with the most recent improvement in machinery and to keep up with the overall cost of the tires comparable to budget tires, many organizations optimize supply chain of used tires. However, there are certain disadvantages of retread tires, such as poor mileage, inability to perform under heat, which have hampered their adoption rate.. Overall, the of the retread tire market in Brazil is expected to grow at slower pace in the first few years due to aforementioned reasons.

Brazil Retread Tire Market Trends

Advancements in Tire Technology

The latest trend in the automotive sector can be credited to various elements, including development of tire composition technology along with rising public vehicle and infrastructure vehicles. The interest in retread and supportable tires is likely to increase further as the auto industry is growing quickly. To satisfy this developing need, many assembling and manufacturing organizations are investing in the retreading machinery and collaborating with local organizations. For example, many organizations, like Michelin with their innovation in the tires, plan to accomplish the objective of 100 percent economical tires by 2050. Goodyear will deliver 70% economical tires thanks to new advances in 2022. Moreover, it is anticipated that the demand for retread tires in the Brazil Retread Tire Market will keep on increasing in the coming years.

Recent Developments

In order to meet the increasing demand for retreading rubber products, in September 2022 Bridgestone invested USD60 million to expand its Abilene, Bandag retread tire plant.

In July 2022, Marangoni, an Italian retreading organization, identified the retreading potential of Westlake's off-the road tires and added them to its retreading program.

In May 2022, the retreading company Hankook and the manufacturer Vaculug agreed to a five year production agreement to create a retread brand called Alphatread, with the aim of increasing retreading business in the fleet vehicle tires market.

In August 2020, the retreading specialist Vipal Elastic announced the introduction of a new tread, the VT250, for winter tires. This tread is designed to withstand the extreme of mud and snow.

Company Insights

The latest drive position retread from Oliver Rubber, one of the world’s largest retread rubber manufacturers, was delivered in July 2022. Oliver Rubber’s latest retread is the Vantage Max drive II.

Further, Michelin Introduces Two New Pre-Form Retread Technologies in June 2021

Market Opportunities

In order to grow the retread tire market in Brazil at a higher CAGR, the organizations offer additional support, quality control, and perception in a business-to-business framework. Similarly, companies are using advanced web-based applications to pick up used tires and deliver retread tires in major urban areas for the convenience of clients. Retread market organizations are doing retread according to proposals made by producers and suppliers to agree to client interest. Generally, this opens up huge possibilities for new players to establish a network and partner with important organizations to meet the growing interest of customers. All these factors combine to give manufacturers and suppliers a range of options to build nationwide distribution networks to satisfy the growing demand.