Report Description

The Brazil pet grooming products market is anticipated to register an impressive CAGR during the forecast period owing to the factors such as growing pet humanization, rising pet ownership, and increasing the pet health consciousness among the owners.

Pet grooming includes bathing, combing, clipping, styling, trimming a pet's nails, etc. Dogs and other domestic animals' overall health and hygiene rely on good pet grooming. According to Abinpet (Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry), in 2021, there are over 141,6 million pets in Brazil, of which 55.1 million are dogs, and 24,7 million are cats. According to "The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)," around 75.4% of pet owners vaccinated their animals against rabies in the 12 months prior to the 2013 poll. In Brazil, rabies vaccinations of pets are a compulsion and are required every year.

Brazil has the most significant number of pet birds in the world. With approximately 191 million pet birds, it is far ahead of Italy, with the second-highest number of pet birds at only 13 million. Species of birds kept as pets vary widely, as Brazil is home to more than 1,840 known bird species.

The rising preference for pet grooming services and related products has significantly contributed to increasing prices and sales of pet grooming products, which now include distinctive products from high-end human brands.

E-commerce has also become more prevalent in Brazil due to its convenience and accessibility. In isolation from the pandemic, it increased by 48% compared to 2020 from its pre-pandemic share of 5.4% of product purchases. During COVID-19, pet owners purchased pet grooming products from e-commerce channels, which fueled the demand for the pet grooming market in the nation.

In Brazil's pet industry, there were more than 285,000 businesses in 2021. Pet stores, veterinary clinics, agro stores, and food retail make up six out of ten businesses. Breeders (37.8%) and over 180 officially recognized pet food industries (0.2%) make the rest. Therefore, increasing number of businesses in the pet industry in the nation further fuels the pet grooming products  market during the forecast period.