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EuroChem announced plans to establish a partnership with Agrinos

 EuroChem, an agrochemical company headquartered at Switzerland, has signed an equity investment agreement with Agrinos, to magnify the marketing and sales of specialty products produced by EuroChem in combination with new microbial and crop nutrient technologies and innovations by Agrinos’ R&D experts. Agrinos is a crop nutrition manufacturing company headquartered at Norway, known for its high-yield technology (HYT) products in international locations. Agrinos’ R&D expertise along with marketing and distribution of biological and chemical crop nutrition technologies will benefit EuroChem to enhance its extensive range of products and dominate the global market of mineral and biological fertilizers.

EuroChem is planning to acquire 21,500,000 new ordinary shares of Agrinos and up to 31,533,333 additional shares in the next 2 years. Manor Investment, shareholder of Agrinos and long-term investor of EuroChem has decided to conduct a private placement for EuroChem which in turn will result in expansion of Agrinos business.

According to TechSci Research “Both the companies aspire to great heights with the production of environmental friendly next-generation fertilizers and second generation new biological crop input products. At present, the global fertilizer market is less consolidated as top five players accounted for only 30% share, however such partnership will help companies to increase their market footprint which in turn lead to market consolidation”.

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