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What triggers India Malted Food Drinks Market?

India Malted Food Drinks Market

Consumer Goods and Retail | Nov, 2017

Malted food drinks are popularly known as health drinks in India. The manufacturing companies has positioned these drinks as nutritious drinks, these drinks are widely consumed across India as taste enhancers in order to encourage drinking of milk in the growing children. These drinks are added to the diet of children to boost overall energy and health, to make immune system strong and reduce risks of illness, enhancing performance in mental and athletic activities, also to support healing process during illness.

Manufacturing Process of Malted Food Drinks

Product Overview

Malted food drinks are powdered gruel which is made from a mixture of wheat flour, malted barley, and evaporated whole milk. These food drinks come in two forms: nondiastatic and diastatic. The Nondiastatic malt is mostly used in beverages and contains no active enzymes and primarily used for flavor. Whereas, diastatic malt has enzymes which breaks starch into sugar and contains coloring agents, sugar, and other additives.

The Benefits of Drinking Malt

Malt is considered as one of the most diuretic beverages. The carbohydrates included in the malted food drinks are largely broken down due to which they are easy to digest for humans. Malted food drinks are perfectly suited as dietary supplement and are a low-protein diet. These food drink contains around 30 essential elements and minerals. Malt also contains important vitamins which includes vitamins D, A and E. Folic acid is one of the important vitamin found in Malt and is essential for children, pregnant women.  

Nutrition and Ingredients

The major Ingredients are:

·         Milk Solids

·         Barley Malt Extract

·         Glucose

·         Cocoa Solids

·         Sugar

Barley Malt is considered as a highly nutritious substance which is added in the malted food drinks. Barley malts aqueous extracts is called "wort" which contain all essential vitamins B such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), folic acid and biotin plus amino acids, protein, minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc and potassium and soluble fiber (glucans). Beverages which are made using barley malt are attractive from nutrition point of view. The cocoa Solids included in the malted food drink contains various nutrients like copper, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and zinc.

Trends Driving the India Malted Food Drinks Market

Rising Standard of living

Rising standard of living has resulted in changing consumers’ mindset, with people moving from savings to spending on lifestyle, healthcare food products and services. Rapid urbanization is driving consumerism in Tier-II & Tier-III cities and this is expected to propel growth in the market for malted food drinks across the country. The spending power of consumers is projected to surge, leading to premiumization of consumer goods market in India due to continuously rising per-capita income.

Figure 1: India GDP Per-Capita, 2012-2015 (USD)



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Aggressive Marketing & Promotional Strategies

Growing internet connectivity, new business models and expanding digital media have provided many companies an opportunity to promote their brand. The companies are also focusing on creating effective supply chain and engaging with online retail platforms and institutions. With increasing health consciousness among consumers demand for malted food drinks is rising in the country.

Figure 2: India Television Advertising Market Size, 2012-2016 (USD Million)

                                                                                          Source: PMAR

Figure 2: India Television Advertising Market Size, 2012-2016 (USD Million)



Due to high level of consumerism, rising standard of living and changing lifestyle, there is a rising inclination of consumers across India towards healthier food drinks which has become an emerging trend of the industry and impacted positively on malted food drink market. Some popular names in malted food drink products which are available in the country includes Bournvita, Horlicks, Boost, Complan, Amul Pro, Milo, etc. Nowadays, manufacturers of malted food drinks offer a range of brands separately for kids, adults and the family.

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