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Top Trends in Global Legal Analytics Market

Global Legal Analytics Market

ICT | Oct, 2017

Enterprises across the world are investing heavily on data analytics tools, technology and application to provide offerings and digital engagement that are customized to the customers. Legal analytics to redefine the future of legal practices all around the world. Legal analytics helps assist the legal practitioner, strategist, decision makers to take effective legal decision making. This analytical tool helps in the analysis of various aspect of in legal environment such as prospects and behavior of client, past case history and other valuable insights with the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, bog data and cloud applications. Such data driven decision making is invoked by the high demand for automation in legal analytic market and increasing effectiveness of productivity, cost reduction and law firm profit are the factors which are fueling the demand for legal analytics globally.

Structure that is being followed by legal analytics is to initially mine the data, which are stored in a case document and record entries and then consolidate the data provided in the past and turn the unknowable insights into the behavior of various individual orchestrated in the legal chain such as lawyers and judges, organization like court, law firms and parties (client) and litigation ecosystem subjected to the lawsuits. Litigators use legal analytics tools to perform analysis on the pattern and trends in the past cases which have ruled by judges to estimate the outcomes in the current case.

Product Overview

Legal analytics is the analysis tool of data gathering, refining and analysis with in the field of law to improve efficiency, insights and extract greater value from available data. In comparison legal analytics is similar to business analytics, which is used to gather actionable information that can enhance processes and also increase efficiency. Legal analytics as a tool is majorly used by law firms to gain competitive edge over other law firms and drive firm to the future profits.

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Legal leader recognizes the legal analytics as a powerful tool, which helps to extracts actionable knowledge from data gathered and assist them to make actionable decision on the topic of diverse matter by focusing on process improvement, forecasting, billing optimization, legal strategy, resource management and financial operations. Legal analytics provides an unconditional approach by saving legal firms and departments money and time. Insight that are powerful to win or defend case would have gone unknown years back can now be revealed with the help of this analytical tool.

Benefits of Legal Analytics

·         Efficiency and effectiveness of legal analytics helps empower litigators and attorneys to experiment and explore different legal strategies and strategies in order to console to the clients.

·      Analytics tool may not flawlessly predict the outcomes on a particular case, but legal analytics can provide insight that may increase the chance of an accurate prediction enabling the user to follow an accurate litigation strategy that more like to win the case.

·       It hard for legal researchers to find quick answer to practical question but legal analytics users can find quick answers just with a quick key stroke and get data driven answer to the question formulated by clients that other may take weeks to gather the answer.


The effort made to acquire the data, which can be identified and recognize the patter in data efficiently and quickly, as data set continues to grow in type and size, it is going to become more important to have a variety of application and tools that gives a user an immense power to manipulate and the visual data. The litigator, attorney or practitioner will still have to apply her or his judgement to the case matter and confirm the accurate the measure the information.  

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