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Setting Up Packaged Coconut Water Plant in India

India packaged coconut water market

Consumer Goods and Retail | Oct, 2018

Introduction Part:

This will include the current market scenario of the packaged coconut market in India and a general overview like how the consumers are shifting their preferences on “Healthy is trendy” factor.

Major factors that impact the coconut water quality?

In this we will be discussing about the factors that can affect the quality during the manufacturing process and after the manufacturing process:

Pre-harvest factors

o   use of pesticides during production

o   Heavy metals that could enter coconut water through water contamination

·         Post-harvest factors

o   Microorganisms could enter coconut water through improper post-harvest handling

Business Plan:

The points that we will be covering are:

·         How the business is gaining popularity.

·         There is a huge potential in the market and why it is important to create a coconut water business plan that will help differentiate you from other businesses in the industry and that will help you create a profitable model.

Pointers to keep in mind to start a coconut water production company:

·         Learn more about the business

·         Craft your business plan

·         Register your business and fulfil legal requirements

·         Find a good location

·         Buy and install equipment

Manufacturing Process:

This will include how the fresh coconuts are purchased from suppliers and how these are processed. (Including the filtration process, mechanical process and how they are sealed using different machines & wrapped and delivered it to suppliers)

Manpower requirement: (Approximation for 1 plant)

This will include the number of workers required.

Implementation Schedule:

This will include the project details with number of months that will require to complete one task (Approximation)

Cost of Project:

This will include an approximate amount require to construct a complete manufacturing unit that will include the cost of land, building, machinery, etc.

List of machines required:

This will include the number of machines that are required in the manufacturing unit of the packaged coconut water

Lastly, we will be discussing about the overall industry outlook as per TechSci’s latest report India Packaged Coconut Water Market.