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Global Unified Communication as a Service

Global Unified Communication as a Service Market

ICT | Nov, 2017

Unified Communication as a Services encircle and embed UC&C capabilities that are inside network services delivered with the help of shared infrastructure that is hosted by a service enabler or provider situated at its central office or data center. Fundamentally, if seen at basic level UCaaS is a cloud service dependent on an alternative consumption model, delivery and composition model.

UCaaS integration technology consist of enterprise message, video on call meeting, video or telephonic conferencing. This technology for providing high levels of scalability, flexibility and availability for core business tasks.

Global Unified Communication Market: An Overview

Over the past years, business around the world are witnessing unparalleled dependency on various advanced technologies and adoption of various integration solution, which is required to run the business smoothly and drive the revenue growth. Unified communication as a service is referred to an integration of business operated on the bases of real time services with the help of mobility feature delivered through cloud like video conferencing, voice messaging or even text messages. With high growth rate of business function, which are being enabled by innovation in the IT application, solution and services segments. By integrating various communication tools has become a key part for enhancing business communication.

The ultimate goal of Unified Communication is implant communication into the business model and their processes to deliver quicker and better decision making. UC enhances geographically collaboration between diverse team and increased the overall efficiency in the business process to make the enterprises operation competitive and agile. In order to achieve this goal multiple communication applications that operates in individual silos are needed to be consolidated with business application.

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Key Trends in The Market

Web and Video Conferencing

High and growing demand for Video conferencing from enterprises has put lot of pressure to adopt digitization, which is just not restricted to conference rooms but open to the openwork spaces. Such trend is expected to drive video enabled conferencing market fine times from 2016 to 2022. The part which will most affect the market will be low cost of delivering the video and increased quality of the video that will make the virtual meeting environment to more enclosed meeting in a person scenario.

Switching to End-to-End Managed Services

One main advantage for enterprise or an organization in adoption of cloud and hosted based model for fulfilling its communication services is to reduce the overhead and IT cost. By handing over its communication services responsibility of delivering, hosting and maintenance of software and its application to a third party. With end-to-end managed services organization can focus on its core business functionality. These managed services can allow organization to reduce services cost and incur equipment cost, while the service provider handles all day to day activities such as maintenance and running of the unified communication solution and services. Though in most of the companies they adopt an approach which is phased while shifting to a cloud based model or fully hosted model. For managed services in Asia-Pacific, Australia is the biggest market.

Rising demand in Contact Centers

Emergence of robotics technology and artificial intelligence is helping these centers to automate their overall processes. In order to provide high-quality services, the service providers along with in-house contact centers need to automate their processes. The rise of cognitive computing, behavioral analytics and machine learning technology has changed the scenario in the contact centers.


From small and medium sized companies to global multinationals and also in the small offices or home offices day to day operations the businesses are focusing on a digital source which is single and connect seamlessly with in and outside the operations. A solution which is simple user interface and meets all the UC&C needs of the organizations by integrating, managing and drawing the complex web of capabilities and solutions.