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Australia Lingerie Market Analysis and Top Trends

Lingerie Industry in Australia

Consumer Goods and Retail | Oct, 2017

On an average in month, 576 thousand Australian or 22.5% of total population of women shops for underwear. At least one women is a target for the manufactures to sell their product category. Such shoppers spend an average of USD36 on underwear.

About the Market

The discount stores hold prominent value market share in the distribution channel segmentation. Myer holds the second ranking with market share of over 11%. Kmart, Bras n thing, Big W, Best & Less holds value market share of over 8%, 8.6%, 9 and 9.7% respectively. Kmart recorded the second highest number of shoppers with 447 thousand women multiple purchase history in a month. Moreover, Kmart hold lowering ranking in market share as the average dollar spending is about USD27. The store with highest spending on lingerie with average of USD158 per shopper is American Lingerie Company, Victoria’s Secrte. ‘

Lingerie Industry in Australia

The lingerie industry in Australia has gone through a moderate growth in the last five years. High consumer demand due to necessity product such as undergarment and bras has continued since the last year. Consumer are preferring affordable lingerie item over luxurious and expensive high-end products. Rapidly changing consumer buying pattern has led to constraint of industry growth are looking for opportunity in large discount stores, large mass merchandizers and online stores rather than buying from exclusive lingerie stores.     

 Figure 1: Asia-Pacific Female Population Share (As a %age of Total Population), By Select Country, 2012-2016


Lingerie Stores in Australia

Figure 2: Australia GDP Per-Capita, PPP, 2012-2016 (USD)


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Lingerie Brands in Australia

Palindrome Brand

Australia newest intimate luxury brand, Palindrome was established 2015. The brand embodies feminine, chic and modern style fused with unexpected details and flattering fits. This brand was created with the intention of creating new runway trends with a large emphasis on fit.


Australian brand Berlei has been in lingerie industry for 100 years. The brand started its boutique corset manufacturing in Sydney, Australia. At present the company manufactures 2 million bras and other lingerie products and sell by its own brand name. The company is committed to sell and provide lingerie for women all across the country. The brand manufacturers set of lingerie, which can be worn anytime and anywhere.  The brand is very active towards social welfare on curing breast cancer for the Australian women. In the year 2010, the brand launched new collection of pink bras so that women buying this bra will automatically donate AU5 for research and development on the breast cancer. The brand was launched by two brothers Arthur and Fred, who ambitious enough to become entrepreneurs.

Little Minx   

This brand is owned by husband and wife. Their brand goal is to provide the world best lingerie product in the market. The Owner sell their product collection all across the world through large distribution channel. The brand designer Ursula Dunne has been in the lingerie industry for more than 10 years and has dedicated her entire life is production of lingerie. The brand offers high end fashion lingerie product without the price tag of a designer. The brand is ideal for women, who want to choose feminine look for her. The brand loves to play with the colors, they do lot of mix and match, so they create unique blend of colors that looks glamorous. The brand uses spot chiffon, lace, floral and lustrous satin embroiders into the design of lingerie products. The brand is focused on chic, new fun and sexy lingerie.


This is Australia’s in-house brand. The brand representative for this brand is the previous Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins. At the point when this brand was begun in Australia, the apparel of the lingerie had its worker number to around 150 and was based at Victoria street, Rydalmere. The organization had a truly quick development in Australia since its extension arrangement needed to procure a portion of the current unmentionables marks in the then Australian market. Loveable brand has an extraordinary product called as the "Kissed" which is for the market in Australia and New Zealand. It promotes in the print media and as the open-air campaign. The brand got famous when it picked up prominence in view of its broad range and selective outlines.

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