Report Description

United Kingdom diagnostic electrocardiograph  market is expected to register robust growth in the forecast period, 2023-2027. An electrocardiograph represents a non-invasive diagnostic device which is widely used to measure the electrical activity of the heart and diagnose the problems related to electrical activity of the heart. Electrocardiograph is performed for numerous cardiovascular indications such as myocardial infarction, cardiac murmur, and cardiac stress testing. Diagnostic electrocardiograph refers to a non-invasive device. Every heartbeat produces an electrical impulse that is captured with aid of electrodes placed on the body of a patient and offers information about it. At present times, the escalating demand for electrocardiograph devices on account of their accuracy and precision in the diagnosis of numerous chronic diseases including cardiovascular disorders supports the market growth.

Increase in Number of Cases of Cardiovascular Stimulates the Market Growth

The growing incidences of cardiovascular and lifestyle-related disorders, including ischemic heart disease, stroke, peripheral artery disease, and hypertensive heart disease, are increasing the risk of heart failure-related mortality. Along with this, the rising cases of lifestyle related ailments due to the sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy dietary habits are escalating the cardiovascular diseases across the United Kingdom.

Rise in the Healthcare Expenditure is Projected to Boost the Market Growth

The expanding elderly population owing to the arrhythmias across the globe which is due to the changes in cardiac anatomy induced by cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and excessive blood pressure. All these factors are growth-inducing factor for diagnostic electrocardiograph market.

Continuous Technological Progression in Healthcare Industry Fuels the Market Growth

Continuous advancements in the technology including the development of wireless monitoring and wearable ECG devices, along with the novel product launches by several market competitors which drives the growth of the market. Ambulatory ECG technology, such as Holter monitors, provide high-quality data acquisition over time, enabling doctors to see trends and identify the causative problems more quickly. With the rapid technological advancement, AI-enabled ECG offers better real-time evaluation of data utilizing quality assessment algorithms embedded directly in edge devices. This, in turn, is expected to propel the market growth in the forthcoming years across United Kingdom.