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Market Size (2022)

USD 158.51 Million

CAGR (2023-2028)


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Synthetic Rubber

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Market Overview

UAE Spray Adhesive Market has valued at USD 158.51 Million in 2022 and is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 4.51% through 2028. UAE Spray Adhesive Market is anticipated to grow significantly in the projected period 2028 due to the growing demand from the end-user industry, rising government investments in the infrastructure sector, and increasing demand for low VOC adhesives. Spray adhesive is a type of adhesive that comes in a pressurized canister and is designed to be applied by spraying a fine mist onto surfaces. It is commonly used for a wide range of applications in various industries including transportation, construction, furniture, packaging, textile, and others as it is convenient & easy to use. The aerosol canister allows for precise and even application, providing a thin and consistent layer of adhesive. It also eliminates the need for additional tools like brushes or rollers by saving time, expenses, and effort. Spray adhesives can bond a variety of materials together, such as paper, fabric, wood, metal, plastics, and foam. This versatility makes spray adhesive a useful alternative in many different industries, such as woodworking, automotive, construction, upholstery, and crafts. As it offers strong and durable bonds, spray adhesives can create a quick initial tack by allowing the surfaces to be repositioned if needed and set into a secure bond once they get dry. Hence, the high and durable strength makes spray adhesive suitable for both temporary and permanent applications. Spray adhesives are available in various formulations such as for high-temperature resistance, low-odor, moisture resistance, and even specialty adhesives designed for specific materials or applications to meet the specific needs of the end user. Thus, the wide range of options contributes to various applications making it a high-demand product such as adhesives. Spray adhesives typically dry quickly and reduce the waiting time for the bond to set. These fast-drying properties of adhesive increase productivity and efficiency in industries where time is critical, such as manufacturing or assembly lines. The compact and portable nature of spray adhesive cans makes them easy to carry and use in different locations. They are commonly used in workshops, construction sites, and other on-the-go situations where traditional adhesive application methods may be impractical. Due to these factors, spray adhesive is highly sought after in various industries and is a preferred choice for many professionals and DIY enthusiasts who require a reliable, easy-to-use, and versatile adhesive solution Therefore, such properties make Spray Adhesives a suitable option to enhance the product quality and propel the spray adhesive demand in UAE.

 Key Market Drivers

Growing Demand from End User Industry is a Key Factor that Driving the UAE Spray Adhesive Market Growth

The UAE spray adhesive market is experiencing growth due to several factors in which the growing demand from end-user industries is one of the key drivers. Spray adhesives are widely used in various sectors, including construction, automotive, packaging, furniture, and textiles. In the construction industry, spray adhesives are utilized for bonding materials such as insulation, flooring, and roofing. The demand for spray adhesives has increased as the UAE witnessed significant infrastructure development and construction projects. The automotive sector is another major consumer where demand for spray adhesives is rising. These adhesives are used for bonding interior components of automotive, such as upholstery, carpeting, and headliners. In 2022, the total car sales in the United States Emirates were estimated to be 171,141 units more than 10% than last year. Apart from these, Dubai is also known as the automotive hub of the GCC region. Hence, the demand for spray adhesives in this sector is also rising as the UAE automotive industry continues to expand in the forecasted period. Packaging is another significant end-user industry that drives the growth of the UAE spray adhesive market. Spray adhesives are employed for sealing, bonding, and laminating packaging materials, offering efficient and durable adhesion. Due to the rise in e-commerce activities, consumer goods production, and export-oriented businesses, the packaging industry is experiencing growth which subsequently boosts the demand for spray adhesives in the UAE region. Furthermore, the furniture and textiles industries also contribute to the increasing demand for spray adhesives as it is used in furniture manufacturing for bonding laminates, veneers, and upholstery. In 2022, the revenue generated by sale of the furniture & appliances in the UAE is expected to be USD 105.1 million. In the textiles industry, spray adhesives are utilized for fabric bonding and to enhance the performance of garments and textiles. Therefore, the growing demand from the construction sector is a key driver for the UAE spray adhesive market in the projected period.

Rising Government Investments in the Infrastructure Sector are Impacting the UAE Spray Adhesive Market Growth

Rising government investments in the infrastructure sector in the UAE have a significant impact on the growth of the spray adhesive market. The government of the UAE has been actively promoting and investing in large-scale infrastructure projects, including the construction of buildings, airports, ports, roads, and bridges. In 2022, the UAE government has announced and planned to invest approximately USD 23 billion in infrastructure development. These infrastructure projects require a wide range of adhesive applications, including spray adhesives, for various purposes such as bonding insulation materials, flooring, roofing, and other construction components. The use of spray adhesives provides fast and efficient bonding solutions allowing for quicker construction timelines and enhanced project efficiency. The government's focus on infrastructure development has led to increased construction activities in the UAE, which in turn drives the demand for spray adhesives. There is a growing need for adhesive solutions that can provide strong and durable bonds as new projects are initiated and existing infrastructure is renovated or expanded such as Etihad Rail, the UAE’s national 12000 km long rail project started in 2016 intending to connect 11 of the country’s and emerge as a key centre of trade in the region. Moreover, government investments in the infrastructure sector also create opportunities for the spray adhesive market in terms of innovation and product development. Adhesive manufacturers are prompted to develop advanced formulations and technologies to meet the evolving demands of the construction industry. This includes the development of eco-friendly and sustainable adhesive solutions to align with the UAE government's emphasis on green building practices. Additionally, government regulations and standards related to construction quality and safety also influence the spray adhesive market. Adhesive manufacturers must ensure compliance with these regulations, which often require the use of specific adhesives for certain applications. This creates a market opportunity for spray adhesive manufacturers who can provide products that meet the required standards. Therefore, such government initiatives are expected to propel the demand for spray adhesives and supported the UAE spray adhesive market growth.

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Key Market Challenges

Fluctuations in Price of Raw Materials

Spray adhesives are critical components used in various applications, including bonding different materials, laminating, and joining surfaces. The quality and performance of spray adhesives heavily rely on the raw materials used in their formulation. These materials typically include synthetic resins, solvents, additives, and propellants, which are subject to price volatility due to global market dynamics, supply-demand imbalances, and geopolitical factors. As raw material costs increase, manufacturers may be compelled to pass on these expenses to end-users in the form of higher product prices. This may result in reduced demand, especially in price-sensitive industries, affecting overall market growth.

Disruptions in Supply Chain

The UAE heavily relies on global trade and transportation networks for the importation of raw materials and exportation of finished products. Any disruptions in these networks, such as port congestion, shipping delays, or air freight interruptions, can have a significant impact on the timely delivery of spray adhesives. Additionally, labor shortages and reduced production capacities have affected overall supply chain efficiency, resulting in delivery delays and increased costs. Supply chain disruptions may necessitate the use of alternative raw materials or suppliers, which could potentially impact the final product's quality and compliance. Furthermore, changes in trade policies, tariffs, or political instability in supplier countries can introduce uncertainties into the supply chain and impact sourcing strategies.  

Key Market Trends

Growth of Customization in Spray Adhesive

One significant market trend is the swift emergence of customization in spray adhesive solutions. To meet the distinct needs of various applications, manufacturers are embracing innovative strategies to customize their products, resulting in improved performance, enhanced efficiency, and heightened customer satisfaction. Spray adhesives serve as vital bonding agents in a wide range of industries, each with its unique set of challenges. Customization allows manufacturers to develop adhesive formulations that precisely address the specific needs of these industries. For example, in the automotive sector, where bonding lightweight materials is crucial, customized spray adhesives can offer optimized bonding strength and flexibility. Moreover, customization allows manufacturers to develop formulations that bond effectively with a diverse range of substrates, including plastics, metals, composites, and fabrics. This versatility enhances the applicability of spray adhesives across various industries.

Segmental Insights

Chemistry Insights

In 2022, the spray adhesive market was dominated by the synthetic rubber and is predicted to continue expanding over the coming years. Compared to natural rubber, synthetic rubber offers a more predictable cost, providing superior cost control in adhesive manufacturing. This cost-effectiveness enhances the appeal of synthetic rubber for adhesive producers looking to optimize their production expenses. Furthermore, the UAE serves as a prominent hub for diverse industries, including construction, automotive, packaging, and manufacturing. Consequently, synthetic rubber-based spray adhesives emerge as a preferred choice in these sectors due to their extensive applications and performance advantages.

Type Insights

In 2022, the spray adhesive market was dominated by water-based segment and is predicted to continue expanding over the coming years. Water-based adhesives are considered environmentally friendly compared to solvent-based adhesives due to their lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These adhesives align with the UAE's efforts to promote sustainable practices and comply with stringent environmental regulations. Water-based spray adhesives demonstrate excellent bonding properties on a wide range of substrates, such as wood, paper, foam, and fabrics. This versatility makes them suitable for various industries, including construction, automotive, textiles, and packaging. Furthermore, water-based adhesives typically have faster drying times compared to solvent-based adhesives. This attribute can lead to increased productivity and efficiency in production processes, reducing the overall turnaround time for projects.

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Regional Insights

The Dubai region has established itself as the leader in the UAE Spray Adhesive Market. Dubai's economy exhibits diversity, encompassing thriving sectors such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, and packaging, all of which are significant consumers of spray adhesives. The city's extensive industrial base creates a robust demand for adhesive products, fostering a competitive and vibrant spray adhesive market. Over the years, Dubai has witnessed remarkable infrastructure development, including the construction of commercial buildings, residential complexes, and high-profile projects. Spray adhesives find extensive application in the construction industry, serving various bonding, sealing, and fastening needs, further bolstering Dubai's market dominance. Rapid urbanization and industrialization in Dubai have triggered increased construction and manufacturing activities, elevating the significance of adhesive products and consolidating Dubai's position as a market leader.

Recent Developments

  • On September 10, 2019, Huntsman Corporation announced the inauguration of its new polyurethanes systems house in Dubai. Located within the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone (JAFZA), this purpose-built facility strengthens Huntsman's downstream capabilities in the Middle East and North Africa, enhancing its capacity to manufacture polyurethane systems and polyester polyols for customers across the region. The state-of-the-art production area is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, including blenders, reactors, filling stations, a control room, offices, and quality control laboratories. The facility will produce polyurethane foams for various applications such as construction, insulation, appliances, bedding, and furniture. Additionally, it will manufacture systems for the footwear industry, as well as prepolymers for coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers. The site will also serve as the regional headquarters for Huntsman's Demilec spray polyurethane foam (SPF) business. Demilec is a leading global manufacturer of SPF insulation, which is widely used in commercial and residential properties to enhance energy efficiency. The new systems house is equipped with a dedicated spray foam application and training center, providing local technical support, and training assistance to customers in the region, fully backed by the global Demilec organization.

Key Market Players

  • 3M Co. United Arab Emirates
  • WEICON Middle East L.L.C.
  • Wurth Gulf FZE
  • Henkel Corp FZCO

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Report Scope:

In this report, the UAE Spray Adhesive Market has been segmented into the following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below:

  • UAE Spray Adhesive Market, By Chemistry:
    • Epoxy
    • Polyurethane
    • Synthetic Rubber
    • Vinyl Acetate Ethylene
    • Others
  • UAE Spray Adhesive Market, By Type:
    • Solvent-Based Adhesive
    • Water-Based Adhesive
    • Hot-Melt Adhesive
  • UAE Spray Adhesive Market, By End-User:
    • Transportation
    • Construction
    • Furniture
    • Packaging
    • Textile
    • Others
  • UAE Spray Adhesive Market, By Region:
    • Dubai
    • Abu Dhabi
    • Sharjah
    • Rest of UAE

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13.5.3.     WEICON Middle East L.L.C.

13.5.4.     Wurth Gulf FZE

13.5.5.     AL SAIF GENERAL TRADING LLC (Permatex)

13.5.6.     Henkel Corp FZCO

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The market size of the UAE Spray Adhesive Market was estimated to be USD 158.51 Million in 2022.


3M Co. United Arab Emirates, ANCHOR ALLIED FACTORY LLC., WEICON Middle East L.L.C., Wurth Gulf FZE, AL SAIF GENERAL TRADING LLC (Permatex), and Henkel Corp FZCO are some of the key players operating in the UAE Spray Adhesive Market.


Fluctuations in price of raw materials and disruptions in supply chain are the major challenges faced by the UAE Spray Adhesive Market in the upcoming years.


Rising government investments in the infrastructure sector and increasing demand for low-VOC adhesives is driving the growth of the UAE Spray Adhesive market.


Sakshi Bajaal

Business Consultant
Press Release

UAE Spray Adhesive Market to be Dominated by Synthetic Rubber

Nov, 2023

Growing research and development coupled with rise in technological advancements are the major drivers for the UAE Spray Adhesive Market.