Report Description

UAE enterprise resource planning market is expected to register robust growth in the forecast period, 2023-2027. Enterprise resource planning solutions are widely utilized by organizations to assist them in managing their business operations and processes in a better way. At present times, an ERP solution’s business functions have shifted from minor aid and planning operations to entire business process integration, which involves crucial responsibilities and decision-making. An ERP software comprises various software modules, and every module focuses on certain business activities, including material purchasing, inventory control, accounting, finance, and HR. Also, to fulfill the needs of the companies, modules can be customized. The growing need for operational efficiency and transparency in business processes and escalating demand for ERP software from small & medium enterprises are expected to drive the market growth. In addition to this, the surging adoption of cloud and mobile applications is expected to influence the market growth across UAE positively. Growing application of ERP solutions in small & medium enterprises and quick transformation of modern business models are anticipated to offer lucrative opportunities for expansion of the enterprise resource planning market in the coming years.

Elevating Need for Efficiency and Transparency in Business Processes Accelerates the Market Growth

Conventionally, businesses with the help of domestic ERP applications spend a lot of time and effort in communicating business information and making decisions. Several organizations aiming to become successful are continuously looking out for systems that assist them in serving their clients and raising their profit margin. Currently, ERP systems have become strategic platforms that offer a solid foundation and information backbone for businesses, which, in turn, drives the market's growth. A fully integrated ERP solution aids in capturing and creating accurate, consistent, and timely relevant data and helps make better business decisions. ERP systems provide personalized services and ensure customers are satisfied with the profitability of an organization unless the operating efficiency of a company is exceptional. To enhance efficiency and ensure better information integration, organizations are now looking at ERP systems that fuel the adoption of ERP solutions. Also, the enterprise resource planning system scales and deals with the global competition while introducing efficiency and transparency in operations which is expected to gain prominence in the market in the forecast period.

Growing Adoption of Cloud and Mobile Applications Catalyzes the Market Growth

Cloud computing stands for an emerging technology that enables enterprises to store and access data through the internet. Some of the significant characteristics of cloud technology attributing to its popularity include agility, scalability, reliability, and flexibility. Software as a service (SaaS) or on-demand is one of the service models of cloud computing, which is based on the pay-per-use fee model. Cloud-based applications help minimize the cost of the IT infrastructure to a certain extent which increases the utilization of cloud applications across enterprises. Mobile applications have become an integral part of the working culture, which propels enterprises to spend on cloud-connected mobile applications to enable access to information anytime and anywhere. In addition to this, cloud-connected mobile applications enable synchronization, updates, and control of documents for an individual user, thereby supporting the market growth across UAE. These further assist organizations in maintaining work-life balance for their employee and enhancing the productivity of employees.