Thailand Cold Chain Logistics Market is anticipated to register a high CAGR during the forecast period. The cold chain includes both the supply chain and temperature-controlled surface transportation. The phrase "cold chain logistics" describes the freezing processes required to maintain the quality and shelf life of products, for instance, fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, frozen meals, photographic film, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs. For extending product shelf life, avoiding overcapacity, minimising transit bottlenecks during peak periods, and assuring product quality, cold chains are essential. The process makes use of temperature-controlled facilities for product storage as well as cold-insulated transport vehicles for product distribution. Using cold chain logistics procedures, products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, livestock, medicines, and other things are often transported and stored. Transport methods that are often used include refrigerated vehicles, railcars, air freight, and refrigerated cargo. The cold chain industry is crucial in reducing the wastage of perishable products and commodities by providing farmers with reasonable prices for their output. In the pharmaceutical industry, cold chain logistics enhances the efficacy of drugs along the supply chain.

Thailand is a popular food destination worldwide. With a growth in processed food exports throughout the projected period, the nation's income is anticipated to increase. The government of Thailand has made considerable investment in the creation of a whole supply chain for food logistics in order to realise its aim of making Thailand the world's kitchen. The government's attention is clearly seen in the booming cold storage capacity, which is predicted to rise significantly during the forecast period. Meat and seafood importers and exporters use cold storage facilities the most, followed by poultry and egg producers. Confectioneries also contribute significantly to the current facilities' consumption rate. The industry as a whole has a high occupancy rate for cold storage facilities. For providers of refrigerated logistics services, Thailand offers a compelling potential to support the expanding pharmaceutical sector. The demand for cold storage and transportation systems to keep the items fresh and retain their quality has been sparked by an increase in the number of supermarkets and restaurants.