Report Description


Forecast Period


Market Size (2022)

USD 2.11 Billion

CAGR (2023-2028)


Fastest Growing Segment


Largest Market

Northern & Central Region


Saudi Arabia security system integrators market is expected to grow during the forecast period. The rapidly increasing digitalization and growing complication with respect of mergers and acquisitions are among the major factors driving the Saudi Arabia security system integrators market.

A security systems integrator specializes in bringing together subsystems into a whole and making sure that those subsystems function together. When the goal is physical security, those subsystems might be video surveillance, access control, intrusion, emergency notification, computer networks, and more.

Saudi Arabia Security System Integrators Market: Drivers & Trends

Growing Demand for Electronic Security Solutions

The growing trend of smart cities in Saudi Arabia is contributing significantly to the growth of the market. Saudi Arabia’s government and public sector initiatives account for the largest share of the market, as government increasingly use advanced technological solutions for criminal detection and surveillance, increasing the demand for solutions such as surveillance, access control, alarming, or intrusion control to a facility or an area. The demand for security system integrators arrangements in Saudi Arabia has increased dramatically. In Saudi Arabia, the need for security arrangements has grown manifold. There has been significant investment in large-scale infrastructure projects, industrial setups, and various urban landscape developments such as industrial complexes, offices, and IT parks.

Smart cities provide efficient transportation facilities, traffic management systems, smart grids, better healthcare facilities, and also adopt advanced technologies in the construction process. The constantly increasing urban population is attracting investments toward the development of smart cities, which will demand the adoption of electronic security systems due to their ability to provide faster, real-time data for better safety and security.

Terrorism has compelled the government to take drastic measures to protect its population, including the promotion of technology-based security systems. To avoid the dreadful consequences of crimes, an increasing number of people have begun to install video surveillance cameras, intrusion alarm systems, and other types of security solutions.

The amount of online or internet crimes is on the rise, necessitating the use of internet monitoring systems, IP-based surveillance, and access control systems. Various government agencies have increased their investments in security systems. A wide selection of electronic security systems is available to meet individual needs in various price ranges, which is expected to fuel the growth of the Saudi Arabia security system integrators market during the forecast period.

Augmented Demand for IP Cameras

The rapid evolution from analog cameras to Internet Protocol (IP) cameras transformed the adoption of video surveillance solutions, with improvements, such as sharper, high-definition digital images and advancements in video analytics and neuro networks. As IP cameras transfer truly digital signals, they offer greater video detail, which makes them more appropriate for facial recognition or detecting license plate numbers.

The expansion in production of IP cameras led to a decline in prices and progressively widespread adoption. The integration of software solutions into video supervision makes it feasible to perceive unexpected and unattended objects or packages, path tracking, line crossing, and detecting grab and run actions.

These integrations are also supported in the capability of raising alarms, thereby reducing the need for security guard patrols. Facial recognition software and integration with advanced systems proved effective in identifying suspicious individuals.

The Saudi Arabian government has been focusing on public projects, including the installation of video surveillance equipment for city surveillance, traffic monitoring, railways, and education. The enhancing demand for modern security technologies in industrial facilities to make sure the safety and security of workers is extending the need for IP cameras. The industries are concerned for the health and safety of their employees, owing to the rise in industrial accidents and injuries.

IP surveillance solutions also help manufacturing industries monitor crucial areas, such as assembly sections, boilers, and condensers, where high chances of accidents are being witnessed. Additionally, it helps operators monitor the production process and optimize business operations.