Report Description

The Japan pet grooming products market size is anticipated to register an impressive CAGR during the forecast period owing to factors such as rising pet humanization, increasing pet ownership, and growing the e-commerce channels.

The act of bathing, combing, clipping, styling, trimming a pet's nails is referred to as "pet grooming." The entire health and cleanliness of dogs and other household animals depend on proper pet grooming. According to a survey conducted by the Pet Food Association, the number of dogs increased from 350,000 in 2019 to 397,000 in 2021 in Japan, while the number of cats increased dramatically from 394,000 to 489,000. Therefore, increasing the number of cat and dog pets is driving the market growth. Regular pet grooming keeps the animals clean and can reveal symptoms and signs of disease or injury. It can also help prevent some health problems. Dogs, who are the most often groomed pets, undergo a variety of operations to care for their coats, teeth, and ears. Brushes, blades, clippers or scissors, combs, rakes, shampoos and conditioners, and dental care instruments are some examples of pet grooming supplies. In Japan, the number of registered dogs is about 6.09 million in 2021. The Rabies Prevention Act states that only dogs must be registered; cats are exempt from this requirement. Hence, increase the number of registered dogs in Japan is also driving the growth and demand of pet grooming products in the nation.

The Ministry of the Environment states that in fiscal 2020, 72,433 dogs and cats were either taken in by unknown owners or were brought in by their owners to animal welfare and public health facilities in Japan. Therefore, increasing spending by the owners on pets and increasing adoption of pets in the nation is further rising the demand of pet grooming products.

New Product Launches Fuels the Market Growth

Japanese manufacturers are focusing on manufacturing as well as offering new products for the pets. For instance, in 2022, the mitten style was introduced by Lion Shoji Co., Ltd. so that dogs' and cats' bodies could be readily cleaned. With an outer and an inner layer, the two-ply bag type makes it challenging for dirt to transfer to the hands. Due to its mitten design, it can be removed using the palm of the hand. It thoroughly removes dirt, bacteria, and odors from the pet's body, leaving it soft and smooth. Wide regions such as the back and abdomen of pets are also cleaned, as well as hands, feet, and tails. Therefore, new product launches by various companies is driving the market growth of pet grooming products in Japan.

Rising Pet Humanization Aids the Market Growth

Pet owners are becoming more and more eager to take whatever necessary measures to safeguard and prolong the lives of their animals due to the pet humanization trend. The "pets as family" movement, in which pet owners treat their animals like children and are extremely receptive to products comparable to those they use for themselves, is a natural expression of pet humanization. Undoubtedly, an increasing number of pet owners treat their animals like family. The tendency toward pet humanization is driving the sales of pet care items in the country. However, people are not only spending more money on their dogs; they're also actively looking for high-end, luxury goods. Pet humanization definitely supports increased expenditure on pet supplies and accessories. As a result, people spend more money on grooming products and other things to improve the health and hygiene of their pets. Sales of pet-related goods and services are on the rise more than ever before as a result of the desire to treat dogs as members of the family. Therefore, pet humanization is driving the demand and growth of pet grooming products market in Japan.

Increasing Popularity of Pet Spas Boosts the Market Growth

The idea of pet spas has become extremely popular in the country. The spas provide grooming services such paw massages, ear and eye cleaning, flea and tick removal, and shampooing and conditioning for fluffy animals. Moreover, mobile pet grooming has become increasingly popular, especially in Japan, as it is a very practical concept for owners with mobility concerns. Additionally, mobile vans serve as service centers, and clients' pets can make appointments just outside their home. Hence, this factor is anticipated to further expand the market growth during the forecast period.

Organic Pet Grooming Products Aids the Market Growth

Pet owners are shifting toward greener, healthier, and organic solutions for their pets. There is a growing demand for organic and environment-friendly pet grooming products as people become more aware of the negative consequences of the substances and chemicals used in pet shampoos and conditioners. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil for pets offers numerous health advantages leading to an increase in demand for grooming products containing this type of oil. For Instance, in Japan, My Organic brand offers dog shampoo made with organic components that are safe. The shampoo also performs foaming quite well. The amount of time it takes to shampoo is decreased since it is foaming and lathering. Even for a brief period after shampooing, it can significantly lessen the dog's smell as it is made with 8 organic plant oils. Therefore, the demand of organic pet grooming products in Japan is further aiding the market growth.