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Cosmetic products are no more restricted to being used on special occasions, but are gaining prominence as part of women’s daily regimen. In India, women’s cosmetic products are widely adopted, and have emerged as high utility products over the last few years. Women in the country are becoming more open to trying new products, which help them in maintaining a youthful and elegant look. In addition to conventional cosmetics, a number of new products are being introduced in the market, to help women in protecting their skin from pollution and sun damage. The use of these products is especially increasing among working women, who spend most of their time outdoors. Cosmetics in the country are especially popular among women seeking recognition in their workplace. The demand for women’s cosmetic products in India has been growing over the last few years on account of increasing desire among female consumers to look physically appealing, along with the rising number of working women in the country. 

According to India Women’s Cosmetics Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, the market for women’s cosmetics products in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16% during 2015-20. Growth in the market is being driven by increasing consciousness among women regarding their looks, in addition to aggressive advertising of these products. India women’s cosmetics market is highly competitive, and so major players are working towards optimizing their sales, by focusing on product development and innovative packaging to lure more customers. Companies are also roping in different female icons to feature in their product advertisements, as the aspiration to look more like their celebrity idols has been a major factor encouraging sales of cosmetic products in the country. Major players in women’s cosmetics market include HUL, Procter & Gamble, L’Oréal and Himalaya, among others. “India Women’s Cosmetics Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”discusses the following aspects of India women cosmetics market:
  • India Women’s Cosmetics Market Size, Share & Forecast
  • Segmental Analysis –Colour Cosmetics, Skincare, Hairstyling & Fragrances
  • Policy & Regulatory Landscape
  • Changing Market Trends & Emerging Opportunities
  • Competitive Landscape & Strategic Recommendations
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  • To gain an in-depth understanding of India women’s cosmetics market
  • To identify the on-going trends and anticipated growth in the next five years
  • To help industry consultants, cosmetics companies and other stakeholders align their market-centric strategies
  • To obtain research based business decisions and add weight to presentations and marketing material
  • To gain competitive knowledge of leading market players
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Report Methodology 

The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary research. Primary research included interviews with women’s cosmetics product manufacturers. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like company annual reports, financial reports and proprietary databases.

Table of content

1.    Research Methodology

2.     Product Overview

3.     Analyst View

4.     Global Women Cosmetics Market Overview

5.     India Women Cosmetics Market Outlook

5.1.   Market Size & Forecast

5.1.1. By Value

5.2.   Market Share & Forecast

5.2.1. By Type (Skincare, Haircare, Fragrances & Color Cosmetics)

5.2.2. By Company

6.     India Women Skincare Market

6.1.   Market Size & Forecast

6.1.1. By Value

6.2.   Market Share & Forecast

6.2.1. By Type (Whitening Creams, Face Washes, etc.)

7.     India Women Haircare Market

7.1.   Market Size & Forecast

7.1.1. By Value

7.2.   Market Share & Forecast

7.2.1. By Type (Hair Oils, Hair Shampoos & Conditioners, etc.)

8.     India Women Fragrances Market

8.1.   Market Size & Forecast

8.1.1. By Value

8.1.2. By Volume

8.2.   Market Share & Forecast

8.2.1. By Type (Perfumes and Deodorants)

8.3.   Price Point Analysis

9.     India Women Color Cosmetics Market

9.1.   Market Size & Forecast

9.1.1. By Value

9.2.   Market Share & Forecast

9.2.1. By Type (Lip Makeup, Nail Makeup, Face Makeup, and Eye Makeup)

10.  Trade and Distribution

11.  Market Dynamics

11.1. Drivers

11.2. Challenges

12.  Trends and Developments

12.1. Growing Promotional Activities

12.2. Increasing Prominence of Herbal Cosmetics

12.3. Advanced Packaging

12.4. Increasing Prominence of Foreign Players

12.5. Growing Adoption of Branded Products in Rural Areas

13.  Policy & Regulatory Landscape

14.  India Economic Profile

15.  Competitive Landscape

15.1.   Company Profiles

15.1.1.   Hindustan Unilever Limited

15.1.2.   Procter & Gamble India

15.1.3.   Loreal India

15.1.4.   Himalaya Drug Company

15.1.5.   Modi Revlon Pvt. Ltd.

15.1.6.   ITC Limited

15.1.7.   Nivea India Pvt. Ltd.

15.1.8.   Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

15.1.9.   Avon India

15.1.10.   VLCC Health Care

16.  Strategic Recommendations

17.  Annexure

17.1.   Questionnaire

Figures and Tables

List of Figures 

Figure 1: Global Women Cosmetics Market, By Value, 2010-20F (USD Billion)

Figure 2: India Women Cosmetics Market, By Value, 2010-2020F (USD Billion)

Figure 3: India Working Women Population Share, 1981-2011 (%)

Figure 4: India Women Cosmetics Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2014

Figure 5: India Women Cosmetics Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2020F

Figure 6: India Women Cosmetics Market Share, By Company, By Value, 2014

Figure 7: India Women Cosmetics Market Share, By Company, By Value, 2020F

Figure 8: India Women Skincare Market, By Value, 2010-2020F (USD Million)

Figure 9:India Women Skincare Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2014

Figure 10:India Women Skincare Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2020F

Figure 11:India Women Haircare Market, By Value, 2010-2020F (USD Million)

Figure 12:India Women Haircare Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2014

Figure 13:India Women Haircare Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2020F

Figure 14:India Women Fragrances Market, By Value, 2010-2020F (USD Million)

Figure 15:India Women Fragrances Market, By Volume*, 2010-2020F (Million Units)

Figure 16:India Average Price* of Women Fragrances, 2010-2020F (USD/Unit)

Figure 17:India Women Fragrances Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2014

Figure 18:India Women Fragrances Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2020F

Figure 19:India Women Color Cosmetics Market, By Value, 2010-2020F (USD Million)

Figure 20:India Women Color Cosmetics Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2014

Figure 21:India Women Color Cosmetics Market Share, By Type, By Value, 2020F

Figure 22:India Unorganized vs Organized Retail Sector, 2013

Figure 23:India Inflation Rate, 2011-2014 (%)

Figure 24:Hindustan Unilever Revenue Share, By Product, 2013

Figure 25:Hindustan Unilever Personal Care Revenue Share, 2009-2013

Figure 26:P&G Hygiene and Health Care Limited Profit before Tax, 2012 – 2013 (USD Million)

Figure 27:P&G Hygiene and Health Care Limited Net Sales, 2012-2013 (USD Million)

Figure 28:L’Oreal Global Geographic Sales, 2014

Figure 29:L’Oreal Global Segmental Sales, 2014

Figure 30:L’Oreal Global Divisional Sales, 2014

Figure 31:ITC Limited Total Revenues, 2010-2014 (USD Billion)

Figure 32:ITC Limited Profit before Tax, 2012-2013 (USD Billion)

Figure 33:Godrej Profit before Tax, 2012-2013 (USD Millions)

Figure 34:Godrej Net Sales 2012-2013 (USD Millions)

Figure 35:Avon Global Revenue, 2011-2014 (USD Millions)

Figure 36:Avon Global Beauty Segment Revenues, By Type, 2013-2014 (USD Millions)  

List of Tables 

Table 1: India Leading Players in Organized Retail Sector, 2013

Table 2: India Import Duty on Cosmetics Products, 2013

Table 3: Godrej India Competition Overview, By Product Category

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India Women’s Cosmetics Market to Grow at a CAGR of over 16% through 2020

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Aggressive advertising coupled with increasing desire among Indian women to look alluring to drive women’s cosmetics market in India