India Scratch-Resistant Glass market is expected to increase during the forecast period, owing to the rising demand for scratch-resistant glass in consumer electronics, automotive, and other type of applications.

Scratch-Resistant Glass is a type of glass which is less susceptible to scratches than conventional glass. With the use of technology, the glass is improved with a diamond-like layer on one side and that offers several advantages such as less prone to scratches, increase hardness etc. Moreover, scratch-resistant glass is widely used in applications including kitchen and bathroom, furniture design, shop and laboratory fittings, partition walls, sliding doors, interior glass doors, interior glass doors, wall panels, lifts, balustrades, etc.

Increasing Penetration of Smartphones:

India’s economy is boosting due to the increasing smartphone usage, internet penetration and social media usage. The rapidly rising smartphone industry in India creates huge sales and production of high-quality smartphones and the growing preference of individuals towards the highly products and beneficial specifications, which will create the ample opportunities for the growth of market because smartphones are susceptible to scratches, which reduces the overall look after being damaged and scratched. This will help manufacturers in delivering a better user experience since the consumers do not have to expend on aftermarket repair services.