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India Primer Market is anticipated to grow at a steady pace during the forecast period. Primers are used frequently in domestic settings to improve the strength and texture of painted surfaces. In addition to being used on walls, primers are also applied to metal and wooden surfaces, which will continue to fuel the expansion of the primer market through 2029.

The term "primer" refers to the first layer of paint that is put directly to bare steel, wood, and other surfaces before painting to level the surface and provide a smooth finish. The primer, which improves adhesion and stops moisture from penetrating the surface of the material, is necessary for the final paint. Before painting, a smooth surface is created on materials by applying a layer of coating called primer. It also goes by the name of an undercoat. It shields the material from paint, keeps moisture from penetrating the surface, stops paint from soaking into the substrate, expands the connection while delaying paint wear outside the material, and protects the material from paint.

Building and Construction Segment to Dominate

A lot of primers are utilized in the building and construction industries. Before painting, it is used as a primer layer on walls and other substrates. The construction industry has seen a strong expansion in the Asia Pacific region, driven by rising manufacturing and service sector infrastructure, rising housing construction, and apparent government spending on infrastructure development. Before applying undercoats or topcoats to freshly painted or previously painted surfaces, primers are colored coatings. The expanding demand for paints and coatings is strongly influenced by the expanding building sector. The market for primers will eventually grow as demand for paints and coatings increases along with the number of construction activities.

The establishment of new cities, rising urban migration, renovation of aging infrastructure in established cities, and other reasons have all contributed to the growth of the building and construction industry over the past few years.

By 2025, it is anticipated that India's construction market would be worth USD 1.4 Tn. Urban population to contribute 75% of GDP (up from 63% at now), and 68 cities will have a population of more than one million. With connections between sectors, India's construction market consists of about 250 subsectors. More than 40% of India's population is predicted to dwell in cities by 2030 (up from 33% presently), creating a need for 25 MN more mid-range and cheap apartments. India has a USD 1.4 trillion investment budget for infrastructure under the NIP, with 24% going to renewable energy, 18% to roads and highways, 17% to urban infrastructure, and 12% to railroads.

Urban planning that is more contemporary and technology-driven is projected to improve the quality of life via programs, such as the ground-breaking Smart City Mission (goal 100 cities). To usher in a new age in the Indian building technology industry, 54 breakthrough worldwide construction technologies were identified under a Technology Sub-Mission of PMAY-U. SBM-U has certified over 3,500 cities as ODF+ and 1,191 cities as ODF++. Seamless Freight Movement across Multiple Modes will be made possible by the construction of Multi-Modal Logistics Parks at 35 key critical locations for a total capital investment of Rs. 50,000 crores.

With a 33% increase in capital investment outlay of INR 10 billion, The PM Awas Yojana budget has increased by 66% to approximately 79,000 Cr. Fund for the Development of Urban Infrastructure: 10,000 crores annual investment for building urban infrastructure in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

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Development of Auto-Creation

The primer market in India is being driven by the advancement of auto-creation. A draughtsman or organizer needs to consider an alternative to offer conventional fuel vehicles as global air pollution is rapidly increasing, and vehicle emissions play a significant role in the problem. Liquid vehicles filled with nitrogen can also be a fantastic alternative. As a result, liquid nitrogen is frequently used in vehicles as a coolant. As a result, increasing robotization will call for more fluid nitrogen, which will spur the market for fluid nitrogen during the forecast period.

Rising Demand for Water Cement Primer

To cover or fill in flaws, improve paint adhesion to the surface, hide stains, neutralize the color of the surface, and for other purposes, primer, often referred to as an undercoat, is applied to the surface before painting. For interior and exterior cement plaster, fiber cement, bricks, and gypsum plaster, cement primer (water-based) is a fast-drying, water-based, alkali-resistant primer, and sealer. The underlying surface can breathe and evaporate moisture because of its adaptability. Plaster primer is water-based, non-toxic, and tinted white, which requires fewer topcoats on dark surfaces and has no solvent odor. It is employed to guarantee a superb and seamless surface finish. While painting the walls, interior wall primers are required to protect them from moisture. Modern primers are frequently water-based primers and dry very quickly. Water-based primers are typically used for walls and ceilings where there is fresh work and preparation is necessary. In less than an hour, some can be recoated with finished paint. Utilizing a paint primer will expedite the process, not slow it down.

Recent Developments:

  • Asian nations sold wooden furniture worth USD 12.1 billion out of a total of USD 150 billion, according to the Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of HCM City (HAWA) and the ASEAN Furniture Industry Council (AFIC), which organized the ASEAN Market Attraction event. The US, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Canada were their key markets.
  • According to China's National Bureau of Statistics, the country's furniture sales in December 2022 came to roughly USD 2.6 billion. However, this represented a 5.8% decrease from the earnings during the same period the previous year.
  • The use of primers as undercoats in the automobile sector is crucial for increasing market demand. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations Automotive Federation estimates that in 2021, Asia Pacific will produce 314.42 billion motorbikes and scooters and 353.83 billion motor vehicles. In the same year, it sold motorcars worth over USD 279.13 billion and two-wheelers worth over USD 355.1 billion, respectively.
  • China led the world car market in 2021 with sales of 26,770,000 automobiles. Japan came in second with 4.44 million automobiles, followed by the United States with 15.4 million.
  • According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian auto market would be worth USD 54.84 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of more than 9%. The Indian auto sector hopes to export five times as many automobiles as it does at the moment by the year 2026. The total number of automobiles exported from India in 2022 was 5,617,244.
  • The majority of China's efforts are going into producing and marketing more electric vehicles there. By 2023, the country intended to produce 13 million electric vehicles for this reason. In the country, around 1.3 million electric vehicles were sold in the year 2020.

Market Segmentation

The India primer market is segmented based on resin type, pack size, price category, type, end-use, and region. Based on resin type, the market can be segmented into acrylic, epoxy, and others. Based on pack size, the market can be segmented into Up to 1 liter, 1 liter, 4-liter, 10-liter, and above. Based on price category, the market can be segmented into premium, mid-range, and economy. Based on type, the market can be segmented into water-based and solvent-based. Based on end use, the market can be segmented into residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure.

Market Players

key players in the India primer market are Asian Paints Limited, Berger Paints India Limited, Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited, AkzoNobel India Limited, Shalimar Paints Limited, Kamdhenu Limited, Acro Paints India Limited, Nova Paints and Chemicals, Nippon Paint (India) Company Limited, and Indigo Paints Private Limited.



Base Year


Historic Data

2019 – 2022

Estimated Year


Forecast Period

2025 – 2029

Quantitative Units

Revenue in USD Million, Volume, and CAGR for 2019-2023 and 2024-2029

Report Coverage

Revenue forecast, company share, growth factors, and trends

Segments Covered

Resin Type

Pack Size

Price Category


End Use


Region Scope

West, North, South, and East

Key Companies Profiled

Asian Paints Limited, Berger Paints India Limited, Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited, AkzoNobel India Limited, Shalimar Paints Limited, Kamdhenu Limited, Acro Paints India Limited, Nova Paints and Chemicals, Nippon Paint (India) Company Limited, Indigo Paints Private Limited

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Report Scope:
In this report, the India primer market has been segmented into the following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below:

·         India Primer Market, By Resin Type:

o    Acrylic

o    Epoxy

o    Others

·         India Primer Market, By Pack Size:

o    Up to 1 liter

o    1 liter

o    4 Liter

o    10 Liters and above

·         India Primer Market, By Price Category:

o    Premium

o    Mid-Range

o    Economy

·         India Primer Market, By Type:

o    Water Based

o    Solvent Based

·         India Primer Market, By End Use:

o    Residential

o    Commercial

o    Industrial

o    Infrastructure

·         India Primer Market, By Region:

o    West

o    North

o    South

o    East

Competitive Landscape

Company Profiles: Detailed analysis of the major companies present in the India Primer Market.

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India Primer Market report with the given market data, Tech Sci Research offers customizations according to a company's specific needs. The following customization options are available for the report:

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  • Detailed analysis and profiling of additional market players (up to five).

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Table of content

1.    Product Overview

1.1.  Market Definition

1.2.  Scope of the Market

1.3.  Markets Covered

1.4.  Years Considered for Study

1.5.  Key Market Segmentations

2.    Research Methodology

2.1.  Objective of the Study

2.2.  Baseline Methodology

2.3.  Key Industry Partners

2.4.  Major Association and Secondary Sources

2.5.  Forecasting Methodology

2.6.  Data Triangulation & Validation

2.7.  Assumptions and Limitations

3.    Executive Summary

4.    Voice of Customers

5.    India Primer Market Outlook

5.1.  Market Size & Forecast

5.1.1.    By Value & Volume

5.2.  Market Share & Forecast

5.2.1.    By Resin Type (Acrylic, Epoxy, Others)

5.2.2.    By Pack Size (Up to 1 liter, 1 liter, 4-liter, 10-liter, and above)

5.2.3.    By Price Category (Premium, Mid-Range, Economy)

5.2.4.    By Type (Water Based, Solvent Based)

5.2.5.    By End Use (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure)

5.2.6.    By Region

5.3.  By Company (2023)

5.4.  Market Map

6.    West India Primer Market Outlook

6.1.  Market Size & Forecast

6.1.1.    By Value & Volume

6.2.  Market Share & Forecast

6.2.1.    By Resin Type

6.2.2.    By Pack Size

6.2.3.    By Price Category

6.2.4.    By Type

6.2.5.    By End Use

7.    North India Primer Market Outlook

7.1.  Market Size & Forecast

7.1.1.    By Value & Volume

7.2.  Market Share & Forecast

7.2.1.    By Resin Type

7.2.2.    By Pack Size

7.2.3.    By Price Category

7.2.4.    By Type

7.2.5.    By End Use

8.    South India Primer Market Outlook

8.1.  Market Size & Forecast

8.1.1.    By Value & Volume

8.2.  Market Share & Forecast

8.2.1.    By Resin Type

8.2.2.    By Pack Size

8.2.3.    By Price Category

8.2.4.    By Type

8.2.5.    By End Use

9.    East India Primer Market Outlook

9.1.  Market Size & Forecast

9.1.1.    By Value & Volume

9.2.  Market Share & Forecast

9.2.1.    By Resin Type

9.2.2.    By Pack Size

9.2.3.    By Price Category

9.2.4.    By Type

9.2.5.    By End Use

10. Market Dynamics

10.1.             Drivers

10.2.             Challenges

11. Market Trends & Developments

12. Policy & Regulatory Landscape

13. Company Profiles

13.1.             Asian Paints Limited  

13.1.1. Business Overview

13.1.2. Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.1.3. Recent Developments

13.1.4. Key Personnel

13.1.5. Key Product/Services

13.2.             Berger Paints India Limited

13.2.1. Business Overview

13.2.2. Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.2.3. Recent Developments

13.2.4. Key Personnel

13.2.5. Key Product/Services

13.3.             Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited

13.3.1. Business Overview

13.3.2. Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.3.3. Recent Developments

13.3.4. Key Personnel

13.3.5. Key Product/Services

13.4.             AkzoNobel India Limited

13.4.1. Business Overview

13.4.2. Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.4.3. Recent Developments

13.4.4. Key Personnel

13.4.5. Key Product/Services

13.5.             Shalimar Paints Limited

13.5.1. Business Overview

13.5.2. Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.5.3. Recent Developments

13.5.4. Key Personnel

13.5.5. Key Product/Services

13.6.             Kamdhenu Limited

13.6.1. Business Overview

13.6.2. Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.6.3. Recent Developments

13.6.4. Key Personnel

13.6.5. Key Product/Services

13.7.             Acro Paints India Limited

13.7.1. Business Overview

13.7.2. Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.7.3. Recent Developments

13.7.4. Key Personnel

13.7.5. Key Product/Services

13.8.             Nova Paints and Chemicals

13.8.1. Business Overview

13.8.2. Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.8.3. Recent Developments

13.8.4. Key Personnel

13.8.5. Key Product/Services

13.9.             Nippon Paint (India) Company Limited

13.9.1. Business Overview

13.9.2. Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.9.3. Recent Developments

13.9.4. Key Personnel

13.9.5. Key Product/Services

13.10.          Indigo Paints Private Limited

13.10.1.              Business Overview

13.10.2.              Key Revenue and Financials (If Available)

13.10.3.              Recent Developments

13.10.4.              Key Personnel

13.10.5.              Key Product/Services

14.  Strategic Recommendations

15. About Us & Disclaimer

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The key players profiled in the report include Asian Paints Limited, Berger Paints India Limited, Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited, AkzoNobel India Limited, Shalimar Paints Limited, Kamdhenu Limited, Acro Paints India Limited, Nova Paints and Chemicals, Nippon Paint (India) Company Limited, Indigo Paints Private Limited, and many more.


The increasing demand for water cement primer and the rise of auto creation is likely to boost the market for primers in India over the forecast period.


The term "primer" refers to the first layer of paint that is put directly to bare steel, wood, and other surfaces before painting to level the surface and provide a smooth finish.


The key challenge faced by the India primer market is the fluctuating price of raw materials.


Srishti Verma

Business Consultant
Press Release

India Primer Market to Derive Growth from Continued Infrastructural Development

Jul, 2023

The rise in the building and construction sector is expected to boost the India primer market during the forecast period.