Report Description

The India Mobile Accessories market is anticipated to register an impressive CAGR during the forecast period. The market is driven by the increasing number of smartphone users, rising internet penetration, and product innovation.

Any type of hardware that is not already included in a mobile phone's body is referred to as a mobile accessory. Majority of the time, these accessories are bought for mobile phone safety and to fully utilize their benefits. Accessories for mobile phones can improve their usability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. The market for mobile phone accessories in India is expected to increase favorably over the projected period as a result of trends such as the rising urban population and higher usage of e-commerce. For instance, the predicted urban population of India was close to 400 million in 2021. Owing to their accessibility, consumers are more likely to purchase such accessories in metropolitan regions.

The market is also driven by the increasing number of social network users. For instance, the estimated number of social network users in India as of 2020 was 500 million, and by the year 2040, it is expected to exceed 1 billion. Owing to consumers being more active in posting advertisements for products, the industry is growing rapidly as the number of social network members increases. The market is also expanding as a result of the acceptance of online shopping.

Availability of Unique and Stylish Protective Cases are Fueling the Market Growth

Indian consumers, particularly those who live in metropolitan areas, are shifting towards  fashionable protective cases. Protective cases are the focus of many businesses to meet the need of Indian consumers who are becoming more fashion aware. This has led to an upsurge in the demand for fashionable protective cases among Indian fashion brands. For example, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. unveiled a brand-new and inventive protective cover with LED displays and slots for storing cards or cash. Along with other things, the LED display serves to alert users when they get messages, calls, and the time.

Growing Smartphone Penetration Drives the Market Growth

India has more than 1.2 billion mobile phone users and 600 million smartphone users as of 2022, according to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Smartphones' rapid technical advancement in the twenty-first century has led to their widespread use as a utility for routine chores such as alarms, task reminders, remote appliance control, and others. Additionally, applications that explore entertainment and media functionalities such as big touch displays, speakers, simple volume controls, voice control , and other features offer value to the market. As a result, to a significant extent, smartphones have replaced laptops, cameras, wristwatches, and other equipment.

Additionally, features such as handsfree and others create a demand for headsets and headphones, pushing the user to purchase these mobile accessories. The brittle design and screen of mobile phones also encourage customers to buy screen protectors and protective cases. To attract customers, these protective items are produced with attention to both design and quality. As a result, the market for mobile phone accessories is also growing as smartphone adoption rises.

Lack of Standardization to Hinder Market Growth

The lack of standards is expected to hinder the expansion of the global market for mobile phone accessories. Regarding the technologies and components used to make mobile accessories, there is a lack of sufficient standards. Market standards that are not clear cause significant pricing and product differentiation.

Strong Distribution Channel to Boost the Market Growth

It is projected that factors such as the existence of a strong distribution network, such as multi-brand stores and online retailers of mobile phones and accessories, will accelerate the expansion of the India mobile accessories market. A significant number of consumers from the middle-class and lower-income groups are also being drawn to buy mobile phone accessories due to the decline in the average selling price.