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The café market in India started developments in the 1990s. However, major growth in the coffee shops and café market in India was witnessed during past 5-6 years. The industry has grown well since 2005. India is the sixth largest producer of coffee and with the rising developments in the café market, the consumption of coffee is also rising. India has pre-dominantly been a tea consuming country and coffee has been a luxury drink. However, the notion is changing with the shifting lifestyles, along with improving disposable incomes, increased influence of western countries, easy accessibility to internet and other media etc. Coffee has turned out to be a trendy beverage for the young population of the country and with the high ratio of young population in India; the entire coffee market has been benefited. The coffee shops and café’s turn out to be the best locations to hangout for youngsters and are thus, preferred over other venues.

According to ‘India Coffee Shops & Café Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017’, the coffee shops and café market in India is expected to witness phenomenal growth in the next five years. A large number of coffee shops in India are being developed, with the proposition of food & beverages. The average bill amount at a coffee shop in India was around INR 135-150 in 2010 and is expected to increase to INR 230-255 by 2017. Also, Mumbai turns out to be the most expensive city for average bill amount and Kolkata remains to be the least expensive. It is forecasted that the coffee shops/café’s market in India will cross INR 5600 Crore by 2017. Café Coffee Day is the biggest player in the coffee shops and café market in India, followed by Barista Lavazza and Costa Coffee. There are a few other players in the market, which include Javagreen, Coffee N U, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Gloria Jeans, and The Chocolate Room etc. The global coffee giants Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are all set open their stores in India by the end of 2012. ‘India Coffee Shops and Café Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2017’ discusses the following aspects related to coffee shops expansion in Indian market:

  • India Coffee Shops/Café Market Size, Growth & Forecast
  • Consumer Behavior in India Coffee Shops and Café Market
  • India Coffee Shops & Café Market Share & Penetration
  • Market Trends, Developments & Opportunities
  • Competitive Landscape & Strategic Recommendations

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  • To gain in-depth understanding of India Coffee Shops and Café Market
  • To obtain research based business decision & add weight to presentations and marketing materials
  • To assess how the market is predicted to develop by 2017
  • To collect information about the key players in the market
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Report Methodology
The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary sources. Primary research included interviews with retailers, distributors, coffee manufacturers and consumers. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like newspapers, websites, and proprietary databases.

Table of content

  1. Analyst Briefing
  2. Indian Coffee Market Landscape
    1. Production
    2. Consumption
    3. Coffee Bean Prices
  3. Indian Coffee Chain Market Overview
  4. 3.1. Market Size

                3.1.1. By Value

               3.1.2 By Volume

    3.2 Market Share

               3.2.1 By City

               3.2.2 By State

               3.2.3 By Company

    3.3 Market Potential Analysis

    3.4 Pricing Analysis

    3.5 Hourly Sales Analysis

  5. Coffee Consumption Trends
    1. Per Capita Consumption
    2. Filter & Instant Coffee
    3. Share in Beverages Consumption
    4. Off Trade & On Trade Consumption
    5. Consumption by Region
  6. Consumer Behavior
    1. Changing Lifestyle
    2. Increasing Disposable Income/Purchasing Power Parity
    3. Spending on Beverages
    4. Rising Middle Class
    5. Young Population
  7. Market Trends & Developments
    1. Rising Investments
    2. Merchandising
    3. Coffee Lounge
    4. Liqueur Coffee
    5. Focus on Food & Localize Menu
    6. Newer Territories
    7. New Players Entering the Fray
  8. Coffee Franchising
  9. Policy & Regulatory Framework
    1. Foreign Direct Investment
    2. Licensing
    3. Production Subsidy
    4. Export Subsidy
    5. Coffee Debt Relief Package 2010
    6. Import Duty on Coffee Related Products
  10. Competitive Landscape
    1. Café Coffee Day
    2. Barista Lavazza Café
    3. Javagreen
    4. Coffee N U
    5. Costa Coffee
    6. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
    7. Mocha
    8. Gloria Jeans
    9. The Chocolate Room
  11. Strategic Recommendations

Figures and Tables

List of Figures:
Figure 1: Coffee Production (Million Tonnes), FY’09-FY’12
Figure 2: Coffee Production Forecast (Million Tonnes), 2012-2017
Figure 3: Coffee Consumption (Million Tonnes), FY’09-FY’12
Figure 4: Coffee Consumption Forecast (Million Tonnes), 2012-2017
Figure 5: India Domestic Average Coffee Beans Prices in ICTA Auctions, 2007-11 (INR/kg)
Figure 6: Share of Beverages in Coffee Retail Outlet Market Revenue (%), 2010 & 2017F
Figure 7: Factors Affecting the Choice of Coffee Outlet (%), 2011
Figure 8: Coffee Retail Outlet Market (INR Crores), 2010-2017F
Figure 9: Number of Coffee Retail Outlet, 2010-2017F
Figure 10: India Café Market Share, By City, By Value, By Percentage, 2011
Figure 11: India Café Market Sales, By Major Cities, 2011 (INR Crore)
Figure 12: India Café Market Share, By State, By stores, By Percentage, 2011
Figure 13: India Café Market Share, By Company, By Outlets, 2011
Figure 14: Minimum & Maximum Outlet Potential, 2017F
Figure 15: Coffee Retail Outlet Market Potential, By Region, By Value, 2017 (%)
Figure 16: Coffee Retail Outlet Price Comparison, By Company, 2011
Figure 17: Average Number of Coffee Cups Consumed, By time, By season, 2011
Figure 18: Average Number of Tea & Coffee Cups Consumed Per Day, 2011
Figure 19: Average Number of Coffee Cups Consumed during Summer & Winter, 2011
Figure 20: All India Coffee Consumption By Instant & Filter Coffee, 2011
Figure 21: South India Coffee Consumption By Instant & Filter Coffee, 2011
Figure 22: Share of Coffee among all type of Beverage Consumption, 2011
Figure 23: Off Trade v/s On Trade Consumption of Coffee (%), 2011
Figure 24: Breakup of On Trade Consumption by Outlets, 2011
Figure 25: All India Coffee Consumption, by Zones, by Volume (%), 2011
Figure 26: Off Trade v/s On Trade Consumption, by Zones (%), by Value, 2011
Figure 27: All India Filter Coffee Consumption, by Zones, by Volume, (%), 2011
Figure 28: All India Instant Coffee Consumption, by Zones, by Volume (%), 2011
Figure 29: India’s Annual GDP, 2008-11 (USD Billion)
Figure 30: India’s Annual GDP Forecast, 2012-16 (USD Billion)
Figure 31: India’s Purchasing Power Parity, 2008-11 (USD Billion)
Figure 32: India’s Purchasing Power Parity Forecast, 2012-16 (USD Billion)
Figure 33: CAGR of Aggregate Consumption, 2005-25F
Figure 34: Number of Middle Income Households (Million)
Figure 35: Share of Middle Class Household in Total Households (%), FY’10
Figure 36: Population by Age Structure (%), 2010
Figure 37: All India Coffee Drinking Consumer Profile by Age Group, 2011 (%)
Figure 38: Share of Merchandising in Coffee Chains Revenue (%), 2011
Figure 39: Consumer Response towards Coffee Chain Merchandising (%), 2011
Figure 40: Coffee Lounge Average Top Line Growth over Regular Cafes (%), 2011
Figure 41: Consumer Preference towards Liquor Coffee Consumption (%), 2011
Figure 42: Consumer Response towards Liquor Coffee Price (%), 2011
Figure 43: Share of Food in Coffee Retail Outlet Market Revenue (%), 2011 & 2017F
Figure 44: Share of Food in Youngster Spending Pattern (%), 2011
Figure 45: Top Five Visible Coffee Chain Brands, by Percentage, 2011
Figure 46: Percentage of Customers Willing to Visit Various Coffee Outlets Again (%), 2011

List of Tables:
Table 1: Indian Coffee Companies Price comparison, By Product, By Company 2011
Table 2: Country wise Per Capita Consumption of Coffee
Table 3: FDI Norms in India
Table 4: Country-wise FDI Limits & Benefits
Table 5: Required Licenses to Open a Restaurant
Table 6: Import Duty on Coffee Related Products

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